Liam Cooper reveals Leeds United dressing room drill and Kalvin Phillips gem during school visit

Why Kalvin Phillips is Leeds United’s best player to hang out with, plus the half-time routine when the team struggles to be among the gems Liam Cooper has delivered this week.

In an example of what the morning routine should be at every school in Leeds, Cooper found himself orchestrating assembly-size renditions of Marching on Together.

The United captain visited Hunslet Carr Primary School on February 3 as part of his city-wide initiative with the LC6 Football Academy.

During the hour he spent at Woodhouse Hill Road School, he discovered that schoolchildren had pored over the Leeds anthem before singing it to him in the school hall, not once, not twice, but three times in different age groups.

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Cooper was also grilled by the kids, as Joanna Roberts, the school’s vice principal for grades one, two and three, explains.

“One of the questions was what he does at half time when they have a tough game and how he recovers the team,” she said. LeedsLive.

“One of them that he found quite difficult was asking about his frustration. He found that one a bit harsh.

“He said it was very difficult on the pitch to control his frustration, but he talked about moving on to other players when they get frustrated.

And his response on the halftime routine: “He said he did a lot of cheering, putting his arm around them, picking them up.”

Liam Cooper visits Hunslet Carr Primary School on February 3, 2022
Liam Cooper visits Hunslet Carr Primary School on February 3, 2022

The academy reached out to the school as part of a larger movement to get Cooper into more schools and offer free workshops for students.

After weeks of planning at school for their time with the skipper, there were some very excited children when he finally arrived.

“A girl was shaking, she was absolutely shaking,” Joanna said. “I have pictures of the kids and their faces are just mesmerized.”

Despite being a very well-known face in the Leeds squad and one of the oldest, Cooper admitted to one of the younger groups that it is with Phillips that he enjoys going out in public the most.

Liam Cooper visits Hunslet Carr Primary School on February 3, 2022
Liam Cooper visits Hunslet Carr Primary School on February 3, 2022

“He was amazing with the kids,” Joanna said. “He asked the kindergarten kids who their favorite player was and they said so.

“Then we went to the reception and we had a kid who said Phillips. He said he expects everyone to say Phillips.

“A girl asked him what it was like walking around in the audience and he said he liked walking around with Phillips because then no one noticed.”

Cooper sent a few words to LeedsLive via his academy after the visit.

“I loved visiting the children and the staff at Hunslet Carr, they made me feel welcome, it was fantastic to sing Marching on Together with them all and see their smiling faces,” he said. declared.

“As a club, we know how lucky we are to have such an incredible city behind us.

“As part of LC6 Academy, we work with local schools and I always enjoy visiting schools in our community.

“I have been so impressed with the school’s philosophy, impossible is nothing, and I hope we can continue to support the incredible work the school is doing to inspire its students to aim for the stars and that everything is possible.

“I created my academy to help kids from all walks of life get quality coaching, make new friends, and get active.

“I hope we can also inspire young people by creating opportunities that can fill them with confidence, provide positive role models and that we can also inspire them to pursue their dreams, whatever they may be.”

Dora W. Clawson