Lalilu launches a collection of trendy organic cotton children’s clothing, a range of art, decoration and luxury bedding for the nursery

“Little Heart Breaker” 100% organic cotton

“At Lalilu, we believe that there is little choice for boys’ clothing in terms of colors, styles and art expression, and we are working hard to accomplish a new fashion trend,” said said Diana Gailing, founder and chief designer of Lalilu.

Lalilu announces the launch of its new organic cotton children’s clothing for little boys and girls, from birth to 10 years old.

The Lalilu product line includes hand-painted nursery illustrations, accessories and luxury silk bedding.

Lalilu at is a children’s clothing brand and children’s product design company founded in 2008 by CEO and Chief Designer, Diana Gailing. The company was founded on the principle that children’s clothing should be comfortable and practical, yet stylish and fun in the most environmentally friendly way. With particular emphasis on bringing innocence back to little boys’ fashion that seems to be lacking in today’s market.

Lalilu offers a new collection of modern and sophisticated clothing for young children who are not limited by traditional colors and patterns. The designs are unique and whimsical and feature simplicity and style.

From little angel wings to racing cars to the iconic logo of the brand’s angel crest. Printed on premium super soft interlock cotton and certified 100% fair trade organic cotton. The collections include long and short-sleeved baby jumpsuits, coordinating yoga-style pants, toddler t-shirts, thermal clothing and dresses.

Lalilu offers a nice selection of coordinating knot hats, bibs and reception blankets.

The brand’s clothing collections are aimed at boys and girls and range from newborn to size 10.

The collections sell for between $ 14 and $ 69 US.

Lalilu is dedicated to manufacturing in an environmentally sustainable and ethical manner.

All clothing is proudly made in the USA.

The company recently included a full line of nursery and children’s artwork, accessories and luxury silk bedding in its collection.

The collections are designed to coordinate and complement each other. Heirloom quality artwork features paintings and embellishments on canvas. Quality and attention to detail are paramount in every product, and every hand-painted item is expertly crafted with the utmost care and dedication. The colors are carefully chosen to create harmony, interpret and bring each motif and theme to life, be it songbirds, butterflies, bees, flowers, sweet rabbits in the garden, dreamy teddy bears and adorable little angels. Classic or contemporary designs complement each other. Patterns are a wonderful addition to a nursery or nursery. All models will evolve with a child from infancy to toddler and beyond.

The paintings sell for between $ 120 and $ 375 US.

For more information about Lalilu, please visit the company’s website at

About the founder

Diana Gailing is the artist / designer of children’s clothing behind the brand “Lalilu”.

Diana was born and raised in a small town near Frankfurt, Germany. She always comes back to visit her family who frequently live in the countryside. His very solid upbringing and love of nature are inherited from his parents. With her love for children and her passion for all things green, Diana’s mission is to make the world a better place for our children. Lalilu was born to share her care with parents around the world.

Diana is also the proud mother of four children, two boys and two girls, all of whom are Lalilu models.

“Lalilu is a reflection of my long-standing passion for art and design. My own children are my greatest inspiration, memories and dreams as they come to life through my art,” she says.

Diana has her office and design studio near Los Angeles, California, where she oversees Lalilu’s business operations and website

The brand’s mission

Inspire new parents around the world to celebrate childhood, integrate past fashion trends with future trends, and remember the importance of innocence and gentleness in every child.

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