KAWS x Human Made Drop loungewear and accessories

Human Made and KAWS are back with another collab, this time with home accessories.

Of course, Human Made’s signature tiger rug makes an appearance, this time with the “KAWS MADE” logo emblazoned in red across the top, acting as the centerpiece of the collection.

The rug was previously featured in the previous collab as a t-shirt print, and now you can own the piece itself as well.

In addition to the rug, two small papier-mâché statues are part of the range, arriving in the design of a tiger as well as a polar bear. The pieces are small and are the perfect accessory to elevate your bookshelves, coffee table, or anywhere else you desperately need a small KAWS sculpture.

There’s also an acrylic “KAWS MADE” box, with the co-branded logos on the lid and sides, which is perfect for storing documents, accessories, or anything else you’ve scattered around that needs some storage. a house. Nothing secret, however, since the box is transparent.

Finally, Human Made’s signature duck plush toy also got the KAWS treatment, complete with artist “X” eyes.

If you’re looking to copy the collaborative collection, it’s coming exclusively to the Human Made online store on Friday, April 29 at 11 a.m. JST.

Dora W. Clawson