Katie Crocker’s Artwork Wins Madison Hospital Art Competition – The Madison Record

MADISON — Now that voting is over, Katie Crocker has become the Most Impressive Artist in the Madison Hospital Art Contest, part of the MyHospital campaign to commemorate the hospital’s tenth anniversary.

“Madison City Schools students in grades 6, 7 and 8 were encouraged to visually describe how the hospital has helped their friends, family and community. We were blown away by their artistic talents and creativity,” said Madison Hospital President Mary Lynne Wright.

Katie, who is in sixth grade at Discovery Middle School, was motivated to enter the competition for some surprising reasons. “I just drew this because I was in the dumps. A teacher, very close to me and who always encouraged my creativity, recommended that I enter the contest. It improved my mood,” said Katie .

“While I was thinking (about my artwork), a new section of my brain opened up. I thought Polaroid photos were a good way to represent all the different ways the hospital has contributed to our community. Each one is as important as the next,” Katie said.

Katie’s winning artwork will be on display at Madison Hospital through the end of 2022, a landmark year for the facility.

Young people who participated in the art competition had to make their drawings or paintings on paper or card stock measuring 8.5 inches by 11 inches. Art classes and individual students participated in the competition.

“The goal was to raise awareness of the hospital’s milestone celebration and provide a fun way for our schools and students to get involved,” said Katie Coppens. Coppens works as director of communications for the Huntsville Hospital Foundation.

In another MyHospital campaign activity, the Huntsville Hospital Foundation continues to fundraise and sell bricks in the Madison Hospital Healing Garden. Additionally, the funds will help upgrade and equip Madison Hospital’s nursery to better treat babies who need a more intensive level of care.

The Huntsville Hospital Foundation inspires philanthropic partners to invest in medical technology and programs that advance Huntsville Hospital’s mission to improve the health of those we serve. For more information, visit huntsvillehospitalfoundation.org.

For more information about the MyHospital Tenth Anniversary Campaign, call 256-265-8077 or visit huntsvillehospitalfoundation.org/MyHospital.

Dora W. Clawson