ITC Grand Chola’s Sleep Shop offers a bouquet of sleep accessories for deeper, sweeter sleep.

Model: Samyuktha Darira | Photo: R Satish Babu

Entering the ITC Grand Chola Sleep store is a unique experience. To start, there is a “pillow menu” which is served to us at the entrance. There are eight options with varying degrees of firmness and fillers. Expect to find names like the luxurious Down Feather (semi-firm and filled with goose feathers) which we imagine is a lot like laying your head on a cloud. This is entirely different from the air bath which is meant to provide neck support while you relax at the end of the day in a warm, tranquil soak in the tub. We touch and smell a pile of pillows and find the sensory processing quite therapeutic in the midst of a busy weekday in Chennai. The store’s interior, if you’re wondering, resembles a lush five-star bedroom with a king-size bed taking center stage.

Sleep Boutique at ITC Grand Chola, Chennai

The evolution of this concept, however, as we have just learned from Zubin Songadwala, General Manager of ITC Grand Chola and Regional Director, ITC Hotels, South was anything but “overnight”. “Over the past two decades, we have conducted extensive Sleep Science® analysis in line with responsible luxury ethics,” he says. Then, adds thoughtfully: “Probably never before in the history of the world has sleep been such a luxury. With the pandemic disrupting normal life and affecting the quality of sleep, a sleep shop is a must-have answer to all anxieties.

What started with one store at ITC Maurya, New Delhi last November has quickly expanded to seven stores across the country. And pillows aside, expect to find bed linens, mattress protectors, down comforters, and duvet covers. Zubin tells us the mattresses aren’t available yet but they’re definitely on the cards. In the meantime, we’re curious to know what’s currently in R&D. And he replies, “The Sleepeep boutique provides fragrances and aromatic oils that help in relaxation of body and mind and induce good sleep. We are collaborating with the ITC Life Science and Technology Center in Bengaluru to develop these indigenous offerings. As for new products to roll out, we’re told new parents can look forward to a range of “crib linens” that will soon be available.

Open from 10am to 10pm, Pillows between INR 1,200 and INR 6,500. Duvets between INR 7,500 and

Dora W. Clawson