I’m a do-it-yourself mom and I created an extra BEDROOM in our apartment to make a kid’s room on the cheap using Home Depot bargains

CREATING a nursery for your baby doesn’t have to be outrageously expensive.

An expectant mum and dad have revealed how they created a second bedroom for their daughter by ‘splitting their house in half’ with a temporary partition – which cost just $500.


A do-it-yourself mom created an extra room in her apartment to turn it into a child’s roomCredit: Jam Press
She spent just $500 on the renovation


She spent just $500 on the renovationCredit: Jam Press

When Allison Ramos, a 26-year-old drug prevention counselor from New York, USA, found out she was pregnant, her husband Zach, 29, set about building the extra room in their apartment .

Zach, an apprentice fitter for an energy supply company, worked for fifteen days to build the room.

The renovation involved creating a temporary partition with drywall and plaster, which could then be painted but removed later in the event of a move.

After the renovations were complete, Alison then chose a bohemian rainbow theme for the gorgeous nursery, painting the walls pastel pink, adding rope baskets, wooden drawers, a shelf and a rainbow mural. sky.

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She also matched her crib with rainbow bedding and a rainbow mobile.

“As our living room is so big and we didn’t use the back of it much, we decided to ask our landlord for permission to erect a temporary wall which will be taken down when we leave so we can separate the belongings from the baby from our living room,” Allison, who is currently 35 weeks pregnant.

“It took my husband about two weeks to build the piece. He was extremely focused and worked on it non-stop when he came home from work and on weekends.

“It cost us about $500 for all materials and paint. Everything was purchased from Home Depot.

Allison shared the thrifty renovation on TikTok (@allliexo), and the clip has been viewed over 5.3 million times, leaving parents dying to know how they did it.

Parents watching the clip were quick to comment on the renovation, with one user saying, “Perfect space!

Another person commented, “Omg that’s so sweet and sweet!”

Others were quick to come up with decorating tips with one person asking, “May I ask? Where did you get that rainbow tapestry?”

“Better than my room!” another person added.

“So nice,” agreed another user.

The room will be used to store their little one’s clothes, but the couple plan for her to sleep in a crib in the master bedroom until she’s a little bigger.

Allison added: “It’s something very common in New York. This apartment was not only a steal in terms of price, but big enough to do it and there was still plenty of room while we could save. as much as possible for a down payment on a house. For us, it’s a win-win!

“I didn’t expect this video to go viral. I get a lot of questions on my TikTok like ‘why aren’t you moving?’ – that’s a very privileged question.

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“Renting even a bedroom in New York is extremely expensive, as is buying a house. We don’t plan to be here more than two years.

“This apartment gives us the possibility of saving to be able to afford a house. The baby has everything she could possibly need, and I appreciate the concern, but we’re fine!

Handy mom Allison and hubby Zach


Handy mom Allison and hubby ZachCredit: Jam Press


“Everything was bought at Home Depot”Credit: Jam Press

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