I kicked my husband out of the delivery room and had our baby alone – he won’t talk to me but he did it on his own

A NEW mum has asked for the opinion of the netizens to assess whether or not she reacted appropriately to a major disagreement she had with her husband.

She kicked him out of the delivery room when she was giving birth to their first child after he pulled a prank, and now he doesn’t talk to her.


A woman has revealed she dragged her husband out of the delivery room when she gave birth to their first childCredit: Getty – Contributor
She claimed he played a prank on her which he found online after she specifically asked him not to


She claimed he played a prank on her which he found online after she specifically asked him not toCredit: Getty – Contributor

The woman explained in an anonymous post to Reddit that her husband was super “excited”, “supportive” and “caring” throughout her pregnancy, but there was a problem: he “became slightly obsessed” with videos showing husbands playing pranks. their wives in labor on YouTube and TikTok.

“I clearly expressed my disgust for them and asked him not to do anything like what he saw,” the woman said.

“He agreed and kept joking about it. [from] once in a while, but I brushed it off because I trusted him and thought nothing would come of it.

Unfortunately, that trust was shattered once they found themselves in the delivery room together.

“I had just finished another round of contractions when my husband let out the loudest fart, turned to me and said, ‘What did you eat OP? It smells disgusting,” OP recalls, or “original poster.”

“I immediately recognized this as one of the pranks in the videos.

“Outraged that he didn’t honor what I asked him not to do, I demanded he leave the room,” she explained.

Her husband started arguing, but a nurse helped him out of the room.

The woman spent the next four hours working alone, without her husband by her side.

Once the woman gave birth, she allowed her husband to come back into the room, and he was “fulminating.”

“He started demanding that I tell him why I kicked him out,” the new mom wrote.

“I calmly told him the reason but he was pissed off.

“He hasn’t spoken to me in a week,” she continued.

She then explained that she knew how excited her husband was to cut their baby’s cord and admitted that the nurse asked her several times if she wanted her husband back in the room, but she refused .

She added that her mother-in-law was just as furious as her son and ended her post by asking if she was wrong.

It seems her husband and mother-in-law are the only ones angry about the situation as the internet has been heavily supportive of the poster.

“If he was really excited to see his child born, he would have honored your request,” one Reddit user replied.

“He thinks like a five-year-old, and his mother, who gave birth herself, says he’s fine.”

Another wrote: ‘It’s outrageous that people treat birth like it’s not a medical event and then act like women are being ridiculous in response to it.’

“He knowingly crossed a border during one of the most sensitive times and now he is feeling the consequences,” commented a third supporter.

The original poster hasn’t posted an update to her message, but she can find comfort in the sympathy she’s received online.

Sadly, her story isn’t the first shared online about an uncomfortable experience during childbirth.

A woman previously shared that her mother-in-law told her the baby’s name while she was in labor.

A second mother has revealed that after a long and difficult delivery, her mother-in-law announced the birth of her baby before she had the chance.

Husband and wife haven't spoken in a week, despite having a newborn baby they have to look after


Husband and wife haven’t spoken in a week, despite having a newborn baby to take care ofCredit: Getty
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