I gave birth in my living room before SCHOOL

A GIRL who didn’t know she was pregnant gave birth before going to school – and only knew she was about to be a mom when she felt the urge to push while she was in the bathroom.

Alexis Queen, now 19, took to TikTok to share her amazing story, which began when she thought she should take a pregnancy test due to her frequent heartburn and the confession. from her mother that she had a lot of heartburn when she herself was pregnant.


Alexis Queen was only 15 when she had a cryptic pregnancy and gave birth despite having no idea she was pregnant.Credit: Tik Tok / Alexis Queen

Alexis took the test during summer vacation when she was 15, but it was negative, so she moved on with her life.

“The test being negative and I still have regular periods and no more symptoms, I am going back to school for my first day of Grade 11 on September 5,” she wrote in the video, which saw her syncing. her lips with Mika’s Grace Kelly.

“I had a really good day at school. I’m getting ready for bed, my back hurts a bit, so I’m taking pain relievers and I don’t think about it.”

But during the night, Alexis’ back pain got much more severe – even the pain relievers didn’t hit the sides.

She woke her parents up at 6 am to tell them she was in a lot of pain, but “they think I’m just trying to take a day off so I get back into my uniform.”

“Going to the bathroom before going to school and feeling like pushing, me yelling (for) my mom and telling her I think I’m giving birth,” she continued.

After going downstairs, her mother looked up at her skirt to check and “went into shock when she” saw a baby’s head.

Alexis’ father also tried to help, “by running out the door for pregnancy tests.”

The teenager had what’s called a “cryptic pregnancy” – and explained the phenomenon in more detail in another video on TikTok.

Even the pregnancy tests were negative for the teenager


Even the pregnancy tests were negative for the teenagerCredit: Tik Tok / Alexis Queen
It wasn't until she felt the urge to push that Alexis realized what was going on.


It wasn’t until she felt the urge to push that Alexis realized what was going on.Credit: Tik Tok / Alexis Queen

“You can go through an entire pregnancy without knowing it, continue to bleed every month and even medical test methods may not detect (the pregnancy),” she wrote in another video.

She also revealed that she gave birth “on the living room floor with no pain relief.”

And, just seven weeks later, she returned to school to take her GCSE exams, which she passed with A’s and B’s.

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