How to rename iPhone, Apple Watch and HomePod accessories

Apple makes it easy to rename an Apple Watch, HomePod, or HomePod mini. However, the controls may not be where you expect them to be.

Apples iPhone accessories, such as the Apple Watch and HomePod can be renamed, which is an important feature for several reasons. Although changing the name of iPhone accessories is easy, there is a different method for everyone, which can be a bit confusing. The need to rename an Apple Watch or HomePod doesn’t come up often, but when it does, checking all the wrong places can be frustrating.

A lot of iPhone controls are placed in the Settings app and if in doubt about where to change an option, this is the place to look. Owner’s Apple ID can be managed with iCloud and other subscription services in Settings. All iPhone Devicesspecific settings are also found here, such as screen brightness, Bluetooth settings, password options, notification controls, and more.


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Apple Watch settings are not in the iPhone Settings app or Bluetooth controls. Instead, Apple has created a dedicated Watch app that allows the owner to install apps and watch faces, update the operating system, and customize settings. This is also where the name of an Apple Watch can be changed. The user can access the My watch tab, then touch General, Onand Last name to access the Apple Watch name text field. Strangely, this option is not available on the Apple Watch itself. Go to the Watch Settings app and tap General and On, displays the name but does not allow any modification. A similar app takes care of Apple’s HomePod settings.

Renaming HomePod and HomePod mini

Apple HomePod HomePod mini and iPhone

Apple does not impose a limit on the number of HomePod and HomePod mini speakers that can be paired with an iPhone. Changing their name can therefore be very useful when you use several of them. If the cost isn’t too high, a case can be made for a HomePod in every room or at least every floor of a house. If the names initially given are specific to a room, person, or purpose, it may be important to rename when those details change.

The Home app is where HomePod names can be changed. On the Home tab, press and hold the HomePod or HomePod mini you want to rename, then scroll down and tap the gear icon in the bottom right to see Following options. The text field at the top is the name and tapping on it will bring up the on-screen keyboard to make changes. The name of the house and each room can also be changed by tapping the House icon in the top left, then choosing Home Settings Where Room settings. With all these iPhone accessories are more easily identifiable, managing a home with multiple Apple devices becomes much easier.

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