How to recreate the Asante nursery

DJ Zinhle and Bongani Mohosana have started sharing more content documenting their parenting journey and their latest post gives a more in-depth look at Asante’s nursery and is a great source of inspiration for decorating expectant parents.

The couple opted to keep it simple with an overall pink theme paired with white, beige, and other neutral tones.

The walls of Asante’s Nursery are adorned with gold accessories from Kikki and Franki, as well as a personalized nameplate. The walls closest to her crib also feature small wall pictures (which appear to have been painted by her older sister Kairo) in frames.

The Asante bed is a round white wooden bed from the “Born Fabulous” range by Stokke and Zinhle and Bongani keep a large soft toy next to it.

Asante’s Nursery also features a printed one-seat chair as well as a matching ottoman by the window, which is perfect for dining and cuddling.

Another focal point of Asante’s nursery is her changing table and set of drawers, which feature in most of Zinhle’s photos with her baby girl.

Asante’s nursery is also currently where she takes her bath, so her tiny tub is held on a raised stand near her bed and changing table.

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There is a range of other objects in her room that have more of a decorative function, such as the side table and the lamp by the chair near her window, as well as a wooden basket for throws, pillows. and baby blankets.

Asante’s nursery also has a wardrobe in her bedroom, which her mother shared in a previously posted video.

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