Heating mats to maximize nursery yields

“Our company was founded in 2005 and, after a few years, it combined textile know-how with electrical technology. From this combination was born a technical heating electro-textile, covered by international patents, which we have adapted to agricultural needs”, said Lorenzo Comoglio, general manager of Cofilea, a company that made the leap into the production of heating mats for professional greenhouses and nurseries in 2014 thanks to the contribution of agronomists and professionals in the sector. .”

Heating mats on pallet

“Our heating fabric is used as a heating element inside an EH-Powerground mat/material. The final product consists of a thick, durable and waterproof PVC coating, the heating fabric and a highly insulation that forms a unique material, perfectly sealed and with double electrical insulation. The purpose of this technology is to provide a radiant system for heating the basement of greenhouses, ready to use and pre-wired, called “Plug & Play”. It is equipped with heating mats, thermostats and extension cords, sized according to the customer’s needs,” Comoglio said.

A practical example

“Maintaining temperature control in greenhouses is essential. Our mats are ideal for seeds and cuttings and can be used in propagation or propagation greenhouses, growing greenhouses or even drying greenhouses. What our customers appreciate the most is the accelerated germination, the increased and earlier rooting, as well as the quality and health of the plants which are compact and vigorous. The use of our systems leads to a reduction in the duration of the development period between sowing/transplanting and the plant to reach a salable state optimal temperature management, thanks to the bedrock heating system, leads to a significant reduction in the energy costs of greenhouses, compared to other climate systems,” the manager said.

“A very important aspect is related to the modularity and scalability of the installation, that is, the customer can start with the purchase of our systems for small surfaces and increase the heating surface at the over time, containing the investment according to the real production/commercial needs. Another factor that surprises our customers is that the quick and easy installation of our systems does not require an electrician or a screwdriver.”

Smart Air

Cofilea has developed, in addition to traditional regulators, advanced and intelligent regulation of its heating systems to meet the needs of modern, precision agriculture. Indeed, up to 40% tax credit is available on the price of heating and regulation systems that meet the Agriculture 4.0 criteria. These are EH-SMARTCONTROL and EH-SMARTAIR, tools that allow remote management and/or monitoring, via app or computer, of soil/substrate temperature, humidity soil, soil salinity, ambient climate and light.

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