“He does not know that we have installed a camera”

A dog has been caught the red paw when sneak in a forbidden room in the house, and the images have completely disappeared viral.

The sneaky pup, named Beef, first gained internet fame when Google Nest uploaded the video to YouTube. Since then, it has been shared on every social media platform imaginable, racking up millions of views with each upload.

Just like the fiercely protective “nanny dog” who wouldn’t let her human baby climb the stairsBeef clearly has a special bond with the little one in his family, judging by the fact that he likes to sneak into their bedroom.

Although we’ve seen hidden cameras capture special moments – like the stepdad who accidentally recorded her bonus son saying “i love you” for the first timeor the mom who had no idea she filmed the moment that saved her entire marriage — Beef’s “dirty dance” might just be the best candid moment ever.

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In the caption of the video, the owner of Beef explains: “This is my dog, Beef. Beef is not allowed in the babythe room when we are not there. That day, the babysitter gave him free rein at home, so he took full advantage of it. As you can see, he really enjoyed himself.

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Beef baby The bedroom antics were such a hit that the video was nominated for a Nestie, a Google Nest contest that rewards the best customer-contributed videos captured on their Nest cameras. The category ? Best choreography.

“It’s so pure…”

Later, the images made their way to ICT Tacwhere users were thrilled by Beef’s secretive and weird behavior.

“Leave my perfume for the baby!” one user joked, impersonating Beef.

“It’s so pure,” wrote another user.

“You said he couldn’t walk into the room. You didn’t say anything about crawling, it’s up to you,” another user joked.

Beef’s joy is so infectious that the images will live on, manifesting in any social media app that follows. Some viral videos are so classic that they go down in internet history and continue to spread happiness wherever they go!

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