Government launches £2.5million grant to help students pay for childcare

A £2.5million grant to help learners with study-related costs, including childcare, has been created for those applying to the government’s new higher education short courses .

Learners applying for one of the flexible short-term courses, which are due to start from September, and who fear they will struggle with tuition fees, can apply for the Targeted Scholarship funding.

Over 100 trial flexible short courses are being offered by 22 universities and colleges across England from the next academic term. It is part of the government’s commitment to provide adults with the opportunity to retrain and acquire “in-demand” skills, thereby opening up new employment opportunities.

Learners can use the scholarship to pay for study materials, childcare costs and learning support for people with disabilities.

The fund is worth £2.5m over 3 years and will be administered by the Office for Students with Guidance.

The scholarship is in addition to the tuition loans administered by the Student Loans Company which are also available to learners taking the short courses.

Education Minister James Cleverly said: “This scholarship will break down barriers to learning and give everyone the opportunity to develop and retrain at a pace that suits them. No matter their personal situation or background.

“For too long, our education system has focused on traditional three-year courses that lock students in and offer little flexibility. We are now moving towards a more modern way of learning to offer students the opportunity to reach their potential while meeting the needs of the economy”.

Classes are self-contained and upon completion learners will receive an official certificate which can be used to build towards future training and employment.

Sotck exchange funds can be used for:

  • study support costs such as books, course materials, travel not included in course fees
  • travel costs to and from the course
  • equipment not included in the course price
  • babysitting
  • learning and learning support for students with disabilities
  • emergency costs for students, in exceptional circumstances
  • temporary living expenses when the student is required to attend a clinical facility

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The 22 universities and colleges offering Level 4 to 6 courses from September are: Coventry University, De Montfort University, Keele University, Liverpool John Moores, Manchester Metropolitan University, Newcastle University, Norwich University of the Arts, Sheffield Hallam, South Bank University Enterprises, University of Staffordshire, University of Teeside, University Center Weston/Weston College, University of Chester, University of Essex, University of Leicester, University of Manchester, University of Plymouth, University of Roehampton, University of Salford, University of West of England (UWE), University of Wolverhampton, University of Worcester

Dora W. Clawson