Full Photobook Teaser: Watch

RM has released the first video teaser of his upcoming photography book, Me, myself and RM: EntiretyTuesday (August 23).

The one-minute video introduces the BTS rapper walking through the same art exhibit depicted on one of the teaser pictures posted the folio on social media last week. He later also poses against a spotlight-lit art-splattered wall, rides a bike in the parking lot of an abandoned gas station, and holds a variety of flowers as he basks in the sun of a dappled meadow. .

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ARMY will surely spot the leader reading a book called rkive in the clip too. The Mysterious Hardcover – with another book titled Neutral – Position BTS Twitter abuzz with speculation last week that the title could possibly be a hint at an upcoming music release.

Fans around the world couldn’t get enough of the new teaser, with one caption, “Beauty, maturity and a sense of being in tune with life and self. Love it,” while another tweeted. commented, “This concept perfectly describes Namjoon. Calm, interesting, mature. Can’t wait!”

A release date for the next photobook has yet to be announced, but the project marks RM’s first venture since the K-pop group of boys announcement earlier this summer that they would take time to focus on their individual careers for the foreseeable future. In this vein, Jungkook is also expected to release its own photography book in the coming months, similarly titled Me, Myself and Jung Kook: Jet Lag.

Discover the RMs Me, Myself and RM: Entirety trailer below.

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Dora W. Clawson