From nursery to university – some of the Workington graduates

GRADUATION: the act of graduation or the state of graduation or the ceremony at which school or college degrees and diplomas are conferred.

Graduation, in its own way, symbolizes life itself. You reach the pinnacle of your current achievement and then plummet back to the bottom.

As these photos show, the roller coaster ride can start early. Here we have two cute photos of kindergarten children graduating from a big school! How exciting and you just hope they remember that day.

As a “big kid” you left the top of the ladder in kindergarten to become a lowly junior at the next level. You’re a senior a few years later, then you start high school – at the bottom of the pile again.

Then, of course, there is the first step to becoming an adult. As a senior, you’re probably even allowed to wear different clothes than those below you. You have the recognition that comes from being chosen as prefect and the power is all yours.

That’s until next year when you start college and work your way up!

Again and it’s graduation and you’re on top of the heap – and then you get a job and so on.

Judging by these photographs, however, it looks like this rollercoaster ride through life is mostly happy – and we hope all of these photographers are now in the job or education tracks they wanted. , or maybe they’ve gone a completely different tangent and found a new niche in life.

There is a good mix on these pages of different degrees – university, college, training courses and Open University.

Today, there are other ways to work in programs such as Modern Apprenticeship.

Modern apprenticeship gives anyone over the age of 16 the opportunity to engage in gainful employment while undergoing on-the-job training to gain new and improved skills and a recognized qualification.

Finally, congratulations to all who graduated this year. We wish you the best for your future.

Dora W. Clawson