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From Tusshar Kapoor’s Bachelor Dad to Emraan Hashmi’s The Kiss of Life: How a Superhero and My Son Defeated Cancer, here are plenty of book recommendations for Father’s Day.

As we celebrate Father’s Day on June 19, we’ve got four amazing book recommendations for you. Each is a tribute to the love fathers have for their children and the sacrifices they make to ensure their children are happy, safe and healthy. All of the books were written by Bollywood dads, but they will resonate with anyone who is a father, wants to be a father, or is curious about the experience of fatherhood. Although the authors are celebrities, what they share with other fathers is a desire to protect their children from harm and to do everything in their power to help their children live comfortably.

Single Dad: My Journey to Fatherhood and More (2022)

Published by Ebury Press, this heartfelt book is about actor-producer Tusshar Kapoor’s relationship with his son Laksshya. The author opens up about the use of “assisted reproductive procedures” to welcome a child into one’s life. The decision to become a father without marrying a woman was a long one. Kapoor wasn’t sure his parents would be on board. He was also not completely confident about his own ability to take care of another life.

This book shows how Kapoor sought information and advice from professionals and others who had taken up surrogacy as an option, talked to her family, and rid herself of self-doubt. The author shares his nervousness and enthusiasm with readers. He writes about preparing for the nursery for the baby, finding the right substitute for breastmilk, buying baby clothes, learning how to sanitize milk bottles and change diapers, and emotional preparation.

Kapoor revels in small moments and milestones. He notes, “Bua Ekta took it upon herself to find a suitable name for the baby.” According to her sister’s numerologist, “the baby’s name had to start with L or C.” Apparently some of the names under consideration were Chintan, Lokesh and Lakshman but they settled on Laksshya, with a double ‘s’. Her son turned seven in June 2022, and this book is a warm account of their journey together.

It is rare for single men in India to raise their children alone, so Kapoor feared criticism from the film industry and the media. He was surprised to be inundated with support. This book will bring hope to men in India who want to be fathers but do not want to get married for any reason. Kapoor talks about the challenges with great honesty, in addition to addressing all the responsibilities such as play dates, school admissions, parent-teacher meetings, extracurricular activities, visits to the pediatrician, balance work-life, etc.

The coward and the sword (2021)

Father's Day Special Four must-have books by Bollywood dads

Actor-director-producer Jugal Hansraj, who moved from India to the United States of America, wrote this beautiful novel woven around the adventures of a 16-year-old prince named Kadis who is the son of King Rissho of the Kingdom of Kofu. The prince takes his name from Hansraj’s son, who is called Sidak. Hansraj reversed the letters.

The book was illustrated by Ruchi Shah and published by HarperCollins India. It is inspired by Nichiren Buddhism, the faith practiced by Hansraj and his family. The story promotes the idea of ​​finding the courage within yourself to face all the obstacles that arise in life instead of resorting to violent actions that fuel an endless loop of revenge and hatred.

King Rissho is proud to witness his son’s evolution from a gentle creature to a brave person. He is relieved that the responsibility for the kingdom is passing into responsible hands after his death. Her son might have come across as a coward, but he is far from one. Prince Kadis knows that true value lies not in war but in honoring life, mending bonds and choosing peace. Hansraj hopes his son Sidak will imbibe all these noble qualities as he grows up.

The great thoughts of little Luv (2020)

Father's Day Special Four must-have books by Bollywood dads

Producer-director Karan Johar, who moonlights as a talk show host, likes to share photos and videos of his children Yash and Roohi on social media. Two years ago he wrote a lovely picture book for children and their parents based on his own relationship with Yash and Roohi. This was illustrated by Priya Kuriyan and published by Juggernaut.

The two children in the book are named Luv and Kusha. It’s an obvious reference to the Ramayana but there is a little twist in the story. Unlike the epic poem, which has twins, Johar’s book features a brother and sister because he wants to question gender stereotypes. Luv is confused by the fact that he is treated differently than his sister Kusha. As a child, he did not undergo the conditioning to which the elders of his house were subjected. Through Luv’s predicament, Johar invites adults to examine their own behavior.

In his personal life, Johar wants to stick to tradition and overthrow it. He does not reject the notion of family. He tried to recreate it in a way that suits him. Reflecting on his own experience, he writes: “Look at our family. Do any of the old rules apply to us? I am a single man who had children through surrogacy. Our family unit is made up of dad, grandparents and kids – quite different from the “perfect” family setup of mom, dad, two kids and a dog, isn’t it? »

The kiss of life: how a superhero and my son beat cancer (2016)

Father's Day Special Four must-have books by Bollywood dads

Actor Emraan Hashmi, who was best known for his screen presence for much of his career, shared another side of himself while writing this book about his son Ayaan’s journey with cancer. The actor’s four-year-old was diagnosed with “second-stage Wilms tumor, a type of cancer that affects the kidneys and usually occurs in children.”

Hearing this news, Hashmi’s world was turned upside down and he had to quickly find – with his wife Parveen – the best course of action that would save his son’s life. In this book, Hashmi bares his heart and remembers how he tried to make sense of it. It was hard to maintain a brave front through this shocking tragedy, but he couldn’t crumble before his own son.

The book was published by Penguin Books. Hashmi co-wrote it with novelist Bilal Siddiqi. Read the book to find out how Ayaan coped with the changes that took place in her body. By choosing to write this deeply personal account, Hashmi has taken a step that would benefit many fathers, especially those who blame themselves for everything that hurts their children. Ayaan’s experience with cancer taught her father not only about death but also about life.

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