Four children hospitalized after being stung by bees – Guyana newsroom

A pandemonium erupted on Sunday morning when bees invaded the home of a woman in Village No 67, Upper Corentyne, Berbice and stung her four children.

The children, aged 1, 2, 5 and 11, are currently hospitalized at Skeldon Public Hospital. The mother, Sunita Charran was also stung but was treated and discharged.

Fazika Bux, a neighbour, told the newsroom the incident happened around 07:00.

Bux said the family had only lived in the house for three weeks, but noted there was empty land nearby overgrown with bushes.

The vacant lot with the bees (Photo: News Room)

Old machines are also stored in the empty lot.

According to Bux, the children’s mother said she was dressing for church when the bees swarmed the house and attacked them.

Charran’s eight-year-old son ran out of the house and started shouting for the neighbors.

Bux said neighbors made smoke bombs to keep the bees away.

She added that when people managed to get in, “there were millions of bees in the house” and the mother had wrapped her baby in a cloth but the head was exposed and the bees pecked the baby’s head several times. times.

Bux said it took neighbors nearly 20 minutes to remove the children from the house and seek medical attention.

The vacant lot with the bees (Photo: News Room)

“The baby started throwing up and a bee came out of her mouth,” Bux said.

They were then discharged from hospital but later on Sunday the children began to feel worse and continued to vomit.

As a result, they were taken back to hospital on Sunday evening where they remained in stable condition.

Bux said it was a horse in the wasteland that disturbed the bees.

According to the woman, the police and the chairman of the Neighborhood Democratic Council (NDC) were contacted and a request was made to clear the vacant lot.

“The area has too much bush and too much old iron in the country, we told the police and the NDC to look into it.”

Bux said the affected family is poor and locals have helped them.

Baskets are expected to be delivered to the family by Area Six Commander Bhudnarine Persaud and others today.

Anyone wishing to help the family can contact Bux at telephone number: 338-1245.

Dora W. Clawson