Fine Art Enthusiasts Will Go Wild For This Home For Sale In IL

I think we can all agree, seeing what someone’s house looks like says a lot about who they are, doesn’t it? If it’s a complete mess, we know that other things in “life” are a higher priority for them than cleaning up. If it’s immaculately maintained and decorated, we know they really value their property and want it to look its best.

Design choices also say a lot about a person’s tastes, and that’s the one thing that always fascinates me when I walk into someone else’s house or, more importantly, look at houses for sale online.

The other day I came across this post about the ‘Zillow goes wild‘ Facebook about a house for sale in Burr Ride, Illinois (I recently became OBSESSIONED with this page), and was immediately intrigued.

Obviously $1.5 million is way out of my price range, and I’m pretty sure all the famous art mentioned in the post above isn’t physically hanging on the walls, so I had to know…how were the design choices for the home inspired by the fine arts?

Well, let’s start with the unique cloud ceiling…

Stela Dropca, RE/MAX professionals via Zillow

Dropca stele,
RE/MAX professionals via Zillow

Or the “Last Supper” dining room…

Stela Dropca RE/MAX Professionals via Zillow

Dropca stele
RE/MAX professionals via Zillow

Can we all agree that anyone who lives in this house is one hell of an artist/painter, (or has hired one hell of an artist/painter)? ! ?

If you look through all the pictures on the Zillow listyou’ll see many uniquely decorated and inspired rooms throughout the house, but the outdoor pool is what stopped me dead.

The Zillow listing says: “The pool is shaped like the famous Cloud Gate“, and I was like hmm… what is ‘Cloud Gate’? This, my friends, is the ‘Cloud Gate’ pool…

Stela Dropca, RE/MAX professionals via Zillow

Dropca stele,
RE/MAX professionals via Zillow

Can’t we call this pool for what it is, it’s a ‘Bean’ pool!

(Am I the only uneducated person who didn’t know the Chicago “Bean” was actually called “Cloud Gate”?)

Now I can’t help but wonder if the owners really love the Bean in Chicago, or if that pool shape was just a happy coincidence? Maybe I should take a drive to visit the house in person and find out!

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