Exclusive: Peacock Drops ‘Babble Bop!’ Trailer and key illustration

peacock just shared with AWN an exclusive preview of the trailer and key artwork for their new preschool series, babbling bop! The musical jamboree, a unique and diverse series, debuts Thursday, December 23.

babbling bop! consists of 72 original songs and rhymes of two and a half minutes, delivered in thematic blocks of half an hour; they were filmed on an 8,000 square foot motion tracking stage in Toronto, Canada.

The show features a world of preschool music, dance and play as they stamp their feet, clap their hands, wiggle baby’s bottom, and sing along. With a mix of new versions of classic nursery rhymes and original songs, this short, inclusive series is aimed at social and emotional learning for the pre-K ensemble.

Take a quick peek!

With music at the heart of babbling bop! each episode is built around a simple and dancing preschool song, original or new version of a beloved nursery rhyme or traditional song.

The series takes a closer look at the little things in the life of the characters presented: having a snack, getting dressed, drawing with pencils, watching the clouds or helping their parents (who are always there if not in front of them). the camera) the best they can. Boppers love nothing more than to help!

The characters are quite young so their universe is small. Heroes Lily, Hugo, Miguel, Izzie and Sam will perform all day moving, boping and having fun to great, catchy, repeatable – and sometimes very familiar – songs.

  • LILY (3 years old) is a friendly, curious and lively little girl who enjoys exploring the world, planning adventures, building forts and driving various cool play vehicles.
  • HUGO (1 ½ years old) is Lily’s little brother and doesn’t really speak yet, although he makes a lot of noise and is learning to walk. But that doesn’t slow him down at all.
  • MIGUEL (3 years old) is an energetic child who loves music, especially percussion; everything is a drum for Miguel. He is brave, both physically and emotionally, which can be lifted up a bit by his internal drummer at times. Yet Sister Izzie knows how to calm him down, making his hyperactivity dance – with her!
  • IZZIE (3 years old) is Miguel’s twin sister. She is a bit shy and sometimes has to be convinced to join the adventures with her protective brother nearby. But once the music starts, everything changes. Izzie loves to dance more than anything and uses her deep costume box to dress up and her friends for any type of occasion.
  • SAM (4 years old) is a dreamer passionate about everything outdoors: clouds, trees, flowers, birds, lizards, frogs and insects. He is also very compassionate and easily distracted, but often sees beautiful wild things in nature that his friends miss. Once the songs and games begin, Sam often improvises musical instruments from natural things.

Produced by Dark Slope Studios, the series is produced by Dan Fill and Raja Khanna, and produced by Christine Thompson. Written by Katherine Standford, the show is directed by Luke Jurevicius and Tim DP Thompson.

Dora W. Clawson