Every Madrigal Chamber Not Shown (And What They Might Look Like)

Each member of the Madrigal family was given their own room the night they got their powers, but Encanto never showed much; here’s what they might look like. As Mirabel searched for a way to save their home and its magic, she visited the rooms belonging to Bruno, Isabela, and Antonio, but this still left many of them unexplored. This mystery has inspired countless theories about how the other rooms might be decorated and what they might contain.

The powers of the Madrigal family in Encanto relate solely to their personalities, which, in turn, affects the design of their rooms. Isabela, with the ability to conjure plants as perfect as she tries to be, has a room completely covered in beautiful flowers. Antonio, who can talk to animals, has a tropical forest in his room filled with all kinds of creatures. Bruno, on the other hand, has a room as mysterious as his ability to see the future.


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These halls are presented to the Madrigals during their candle ceremonies as a kind of visual representation of their newfound power in Encanto. When they first cross the thresholds inside their rooms, the rather normal entrances transform into vast open spaces for each member of the family to learn, practice and develop their gift. What the remaining Madrigals rooms at Casita look like has been a big source of speculation among viewers. Here are some of the more likely possibilities and theories.

Abuela Alma


Encanto shows some glimpses inside Abuela Alma’s bedroom, revealing a space as convenient and practical as herself. When she enters the main hall in one scene, the audience can see a chest of drawers behind her, on which rests a lamp and a framed photo. Its simplicity is in many ways reminiscent of the nursery, where the only other giftless madrigal resides, but it also acts as a constant reminder of what Alma has lost. The checkerboard floor color and curved window design share a resemblance to the house she once lived in with her late husband, Pedro. These traces of her past remind her not only of her pain, but also of the responsibility she feels to keep her family together no matter what. This burden has influenced all his decisions since Pedro’s sacrifice, and the many reminders of him by the house no doubt deepen this sense of responsibility.


encanto-pepa room

A brief peek inside part of Pepa’s bedroom in Encanto shows weather-themed decor in soothing colors, which is a good reflection of his gift for controlling the weather. Tiny water droplets decorate the walls and an anemometer, used to measure wind speed and direction, sits on a side table. This glimpse of her room gives no indication of what the rest has expanded into, but the space should be able to handle any of Pepa’s unpredictable weather powers. Ideally, if she was experiencing great emotional distress, or even just wanted a place to practice her gift, she would need a large open space with a high ceiling that would not be damaged by extreme weather conditions. Pepa’s bedroom can also act as a refuge from external stressors, calming her down whenever she gets too upset. Calming elements like light and fluffy clouds along the walls and floor would be perfect for these purposes.


Song Encanto Mirabel and Dolores Bruno

Encanto makes it very clear that Dolores’ awesome hearing never stops, even when she’s in her bedroom trying to sleep. She tells Mirabel that she can hear Luisa’s eyes shaking all night, and she also hears the rats sneaking through the walls. Although some viewers have speculated that Dolores’ room is soundproofed to give her a reprieve from her gift, and the constant noise Dolores is exposed to, it’s more likely that the space is designed to amplify certain sounds. Concept art for Encanto showed Dolores holding musical instruments, suggesting that her bedroom could have been set up as a concert hall. This design would allow her to focus her hearing on the music in front of her and block out some or all of the outside world in the process.

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Encanto We don't talk about Bruno Camilo verse

Camilo’s shapeshifting ability gave him a playful and theatrical personality as he constantly tried to match his personality to his current appearance. His room at Encanto could more easily reflect and amplify this gift by using lots of mirrors and other reflective surfaces for Camilo to practice his transformations. To really lean into the theatricality of his power, Camilo’s bedroom could even be designed as an auditorium so that family members and friends can come watch him perform. A less likely, but still interesting, theory for Camilo’s bedroom is that it’s an environment that changes with him. Depending on his mood, or perhaps depending on who he shapeshifts, the room can change and rearrange to match.


encanto-julieta room

Julieta’s number one priority has always been her family, and her bedroom would likely reflect that by being a warm and welcoming space for her loved ones. More than anything, however, Julieta’s bedroom in Encanto should provide enough space for him to practice his magic cooking and baking. There could be a garden full of herbs, fruits and vegetables that she could work with, and specific areas dedicated to experimenting with new recipes. Concept art for the film revealed that Dolores was originally meant to be the Madrigal who healed with cooking, and early designs for her room contained quivering flasks that looked more like a chemist’s lab than a kitchen. Maybe Julieta liked to invent new recipes in her free time to relax. She might even test different combinations of foods to see if some are more effective in healing than others.



Encanto Concept art also shared an early idea for Luisa’s room, which was made entirely of stone to reflect her strength. This idea for her bedroom deliberately seemed rather boring to the casual observer, but Luisa’s bedroom at Encanto contained a second secret room with games and other exciting attractions. This space that only Luisa knew would allow her to relax and have fun. The rest of his bedroom, however, should reflect his dedication to training, which the picture on his door emphasized. At the start of the film, Luisa ran on a makeshift treadmill the house had created while holding weights in each hand. A similar system could exist with various exercise equipment inside her bedroom, which would also have to be incredibly sturdy in order to handle her power so a young Luisa wouldn’t accidentally break something.



A big source of conflict for Mirabel throughout the film is that she never had a room of her own and instead has to stay in the nursery. However, the end of Encanto shows a rebuilt house that looks in many ways like the original Casita, but not quite the same. It’s unclear if this new, improved house finally gives Mirabel a room, but a popular theory as to why she never had her own space is that she’s supposed to take Abuela Alma’s room once she becomes vacant. In many ways, Mirabel became Alma’s successor. Her grandmother’s mission to bring the family together is also Mirabel’s true gift. Whether or not that resolution was the intention of the creators, Mirabel’s bedroom deserves to be as vibrant as its occupant, with images of her family surrounded by bright, cheerful colors.

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