Each madrigal room explained (meaning and hidden details)

All the rooms presented in Encanto have special meanings for their characters. Winner of the 2022 Oscar for Best Animated Feature, Encanto tells the story of a Colombian family, the Madrigals, who are blessed with a miracle powered by an enchanted candle. This miracle has created a magical home, nicknamed “Casita”, for the family, and it grants most Madrigals their own unique gift.

Aside from Mirabel, who seems to have been ignored, each Madrigal child receives their power in a “gift ceremony” when they reach the age of five. During this ceremony, a magical door appears in the wall revealing the child’s gift and leading to a whole new room within Casita. This special new bedroom is not only incredibly large on the inside, but also matches the child’s special gift.


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Despite the large size of the Madrigal family, very few of their rooms feature in Encanto. However, each of these pieces says a lot about the personality and background of their owners. And in addition to those parts seen in the film, EncantoThe creators of described the rooms of other characters and their original design ideas. Here’s what’s known about each Madrigal’s room and how it connects to their powers and history.

Isabelle’s room

Encanto Isabela Cactus

“The perfect child” of the Madrigals, Isabela’s room reflects the perfectionism expected of her. Matching her gift for creating flowers, Isabela’s bedroom is covered in beautiful flowers and manicured topiary. The color palette initially consists of pinks and pastels, emphasizing Isabela’s appearance of being a princess. However, the massive flower curtains in Isabela’s bedroom have a darker symbolism. Although the curtains are beautiful, they represent how Isabela feels trapped by both her powers and Abuela’s expectations of perfection. While singing “What Else Can I Do?” Isabela finally expresses her desire to free herself from her constraints and allows her room to become more expressive and colorful with new types of plants. Thus, Isabela’s bedroom reflects her journey to discover how to be herself, free from the expectations of others and her need to always be perfect.

Bruno’s room

Although Bruno had a magical room in the Casita Tower, he gave it up when he supposedly left the family. Instead, he chooses to live inside the walls of the house. His main living quarters are a messy, cramped, rat-infested room just across the wall from the kitchen. This allows him to set up his own table next to the Madrigals’ dining table, so he can still pretend to eat with the rest of the family. While it’s already a sad way to live for Bruno, a detail in his bedroom further symbolizes his unhappy relationship with his family. All of Bruno’s furniture comes from broken or discarded pieces from the rest of Casita. This includes his kitchen chair – the same type used by the rest of the madrigals, but Bruno’s chair is damaged. Because of this, Bruno’s room hints at how he wants to be part of the family, but he feels like he’s been broken or thrown away due to his dangerous powers.

Antonio’s room

Antonio's Room Encanto composer Germaine Franco

Towards the start of Encanto, Antonio completes his gift-giving ceremony, gaining the special power to talk to animals. Casita then creates his new bedroom, which is a paradise for the various Colombian animals that Antonio can suddenly communicate with. Antonio’s room consists of an entire jungle in the house, with multiple levels of tropical plants and waterfalls. The space is open and fun, reflecting the fact that Antonio hasn’t felt as much pressure as the rest of the Madrigals yet. Although Antonio is afraid of not getting a gift, like Mirabel, Abuela has yet to place high expectations on him, like she did on the rest of the family. That’s why Antonio’s gift – and the room – are always a blessing to be enjoyed rather than a burden to be borne.

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Luisa’s room

End of the movie Encanto Luisa

While Luisa’s room is never shown in Encanta, production designer Ian Gooding revealed some of the quirky ideas for his bedroom in Disney’s book the The art of Encanto. If the film had included Luisa’s bedroom, it would be dull and mostly made of stone, reflecting her heightened strength and sense of responsibility. Encanto’s the creators also considered giving Luisa a secret room, where she could play at a private theme park without her family’s knowledge. However, this would have created problems for Luisa’s character development. In her song “Surface Pressure”, Luisa admitted to Mirabel that she was under too much pressure from their family with no way to escape. If Luisa had a secret room to relax in, it would undermine the meaning of “Surface Pressure”. So, Encanto’s the creators removed Luisa’s secret room and ultimately didn’t include her bedroom at all.

Mirabel’s room: what would it look like?

One of the key points of Encanto is that Mirabel didn’t get a special gift, which means she didn’t get her own magic room either. Because of this, Mirabel stayed in the nursery, sharing the small space with Antonio once he was born. However, there have already been rumors about the production of Encanto 2, which would most likely feature Mirabel having its own bedroom. Since the community pulls itself together at the end of Encanto to help the Madrigals rebuild their house without magic, it would make sense for them to build a chamber in Mirabel. This raises the question of what Mirabel’s bedroom would look like.

In Colombia, yellow butterflies represent the genre of magical realism, based on their prominent role in the book by Colombian author Gabriel Garcia Marquez A hundred years of loneliness. In recognition of this national symbol, Encanto also features yellow butterflies, associating them with the original miracle that blessed the madrigals. While Mirabel wore no yellow, her dress is embroidered with butterflies, signifying that she has always been connected to the magic of the family even without being granted a unique gift. Additionally, Mirabel’s butterflies symbolize how she changes and learns to accept herself throughout Encanto. Therefore, the Mirabel bedroom would most likely feature butterflies as the main theme.

We can also assume that Julieta (with Agustín), Pepa (with Félix), Dolores, and Camilo all have magical rooms worthy of their respective powers, but none of these spaces are seen in the film. Although Encanto does not show all of the Madrigals’ chambers, it is clear that each of the family members’ chambers relates to their particular gifts, but within the plot of the film, each of the chambers shown also reflects how its corresponding character grows while throughout history.

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