Discover a tea service in the tea room instead Cauley in Miami

Tired of flashy South Beach? Or Selfie Central, aka Brickell? Not hip enough for Wynwood? So think about taking a trip south, like, really south to Cauley Square in Goulds.

The Old Maiden, a former railroad village built in 1903 by pioneer farmer William H. Cauley and designated a historic site in 1994, is still kicking, having survived at least three major hurricanes. The crown jewel of the rustic open-air mall is the tea room, which has been open since 1974.

In 2013, Veronica Gobin purchased the whimsical, evocative stain and has since made the pinkies-up afternoon service the star of the show. Although rare in these regions, the oh so civilized tradition is alive and well across the pond.

look inside at the Tea Room at Cauley Place in Miami, Florida on Thursday, Jan. 21, 2022. Reservations are required 24 hours in advance. Daniel A. Varela [email protected]

“I’ve always loved the concept of high tea,” the Honduran native says of the outdoor patio filled with overgrown foliage, a few tables and a mural of two Victorian women sipping tea. “I’ve visited European tea rooms in England and Holland and worked to recreate them here for people in Miami. »

Gobin has also ensured that it has maintained the same style, decor and ambiance as the original owner, Martha Wade, an antique collector. You won’t find clean SoBe-style lines, velvet ropes or flashy LEDs here. Plus frilly Easter parade hats, mismatched chairs, charming lace curtains, prim and stained glass Tiffany-style lamps from antique shows up north.

The Tea Room at Cauley Square in Miami, Florida on Thursday, Jan. 21, 2022. Daniel A. Varela [email protected]

Of the six themed rooms, our personal fave is the butterfly, with jungle green walls and yes, butterflies galore. Don’t miss peeking into the most popular (and most packed) Windsor Room, with its original Steinway piano that still plays, but has a tempting “Do Not Touch” sign on the threadbare keys.

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It’s not just a meal but an experience. First you choose your infused tea; Earl Gray is a go-to, or try the Bombay Chai, for a bolder, spicier kick. Then the soup. the French onion is the most popular or request your server will offer the soup of the day, among lentils, tomatoes, bisque of shrimps or split peas.

A customer pours tea while dining at the Cauley Square Teahouse in Miami, Fla., Thursday, Jan. 21, 2022. Daniel A. Varela [email protected]

Be careful not to overdo it when the fresh, warm, aromatic blueberry scones come out, with a buttery thimble made with real roses.

The drama of the silver platter entrance is the most impressive – three levels of girl’s happiness. sandwiches (crustless, naturally) include Nova Smoked Salmon with Cream Cheese; cranberry chicken salad; prosciutto; and cucumber with capers. Also in the lovely mix are mini quiches, deviled eggs, as well as sweet treats, honey-soaked cheese ball macaroons and miniature pies homemade by Gobin’s sister, Ingrid Rojas.

Miniature quiches, scones, candies, assorted sandwiches and tea are part of the “High Tea” menu option inside the Tea Room at Cauley Square in Miami, Florida. Daniel A. Varela [email protected]

Then walk the calories in the whimsical, leafy, 10-acre village, dotted with a central garden turned hot wedding destination, as well as little shops in adorable cottages used to house railway workers. There is an apothecary, clothing boutique, photography studio and more.

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Or: 12310 Southwest 224th St., Miami

Information: 305-258-0044 or

The taste, $ 30, is available every day but the restaurant must book 24 hours in advance. A tea “day care” for children, with smaller portions and hot chocolate is also available for $ 15. You can also order off the regular lunch menu.

Assorted teapots sit on shelves before use inside the tea room in Cauley Square. Daniel A. Varela [email protected]

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