Dir Horticulture launches civil works at Fruit Plant Nursery

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JAMMU: Jammu Horticultural Manager Ram Savak today started several civil works at Fruit Plant Nursery, Chakroi, RS Pura for the promotion of high density horticulture.

Civil works include the chain link fence of the entire nursery spread over an area of ​​805 kanal, electrification and installation of poles, roads, construction and plowing of the land for its full development .

The development of a high density nursery, the first of its kind in Jammu Province, has been sanctioned by the government of Jammu and Kashmir UT with the efforts of the Principal Secretary of Horticulture, Agriculture and welfare of farmers, Navin Kumar Choudhary for the development of horticulture in Jammu. Province and Rs 12 crore have been earmarked for its science-based development during the current fiscal year.

In order to develop the nursery on modern lines with the latest technology, the department started the process of creating a high-tech greenhouse, an insect-proof house, a shade net house , a screen house, etc. and the same will be established during the current year. In addition, high-tech machinery, namely: tractors, electric sprayers, weeders, tillers, cultivators and other tools / tools are also being purchased.

Upon completion of this project, the department intends to produce around 5-10 lakh grade subtropical fruit plants per year for the promotion of high density fruit plantations which will ultimately meet the demand of farmers in Jammu province. .

For the production of fruit plants, the department has already produced more than a lakh of mango and citrus plants and progress is being made.

The main focus of this nursery will be the production of different varieties of mango, guava, citrus and lychee plants. Demonstration orchards of mango, kinnow, daisy, lime, dragon fruit, Taiwanese pink guava, lychee and other fruit plants will also be developed over the next 2-3 months and their preparation. is in progress.

Quality fruit plants for the development of mother blocks and demonstration orchards of different cultivars of subtropical fruit plants were organized by prestigious agricultural and horticultural institutes in the country, namely: Punjab Ludhiana University of Agriculture , Punjab Department of Horticulture, Hoshiarpur Center of Excellence, Central Institute of Subtropical Horticulture, Lucknow, etc.

Dora W. Clawson