Department of Agriculture Establishes Nursery in Jhang –

The Punjab Department of Agriculture has established a modern nursery in Jhang district for the promotion of date palm cultivation in the low rainfall areas of the province.

In addition to the eight popular Pakistani varieties, seven varieties were imported from the Middle East and Saudi Arabia to develop quality plants for farmers.

The nursery will hopefully start supplying quality plants to farmers in the next few years, which will also help increase date exports, said the chief scientist of the Ayub Agricultural Research Institute (AARI). ) Malik Muhammad Nawaz Khan Maikan.

On Wednesday, he was briefing the Punjab’s Additional Secretary for Agriculture (Planning) Shireen Naz on the projects being carried out by AARI under the Annual Development Program (ADP).

Maikan further informed that the installation of the high tunnel has been completed in accordance with international standards at the Vegetable Agricultural Research Institute. In which research will be carried out on hybrid varieties of high value crops, ginger, tomato, cucumber, chili, cauliflower, etc., and local hybrid varieties of these vegetables will be introduced to farmers. Through this research process, it will be possible to save valuable foreign currency spent on importing seeds of foreign varieties of vegetables.

During the presentation, he drew the attention of the additional secretary to the importance of overseas training for scientists working on various crops, especially vegetables and livestock. He asked for quick approval in this regard.

The Assistant Secretary for Agriculture, speaking on the occasion, said that the future of agriculture in the country is linked to high value-added agriculture, in particular the production of fruits and vegetables and the increase agricultural exports.

She called on agronomists to speed up research on new varieties of wheat, cotton, paddy, maize, fruits, vegetables, pulses and oilseeds and to take steps to deliver seeds of new varieties to farmers as soon as possible.

Source: brecorder

Dora W. Clawson