Delhi: the great scramble for nurseries begins today

Applications for entry-level admission – Kindergarten, KG or Class I as appropriate – to private schools open today, with a fully online process at larger schools.

Forms will be available from today and applications will close on January 7th. The first list of selected children and the waiting list will be published on February 4. Schools posted their respective admission criteria on their websites on Tuesday and, like in previous years, proximity to schools has the greatest weight in determining eligibility. In most of the larger schools, forms must be downloaded and submitted, and registration fees must be paid online. Physical submission of forms is a common standard in most other schools. In most schools, around 50% of places in entry-level classes are open for admission through this system. 25% of seats are compulsorily reserved for EWS / DGs and children with disabilities, and many have reserved 20% of seats under the “management quota”, which are filled at the school’s discretion. In many schools, 5% of the seats are reserved for staff rooms.

While the “distance criteria” have the greatest weight in most schools, they vary in the way they are measured and the number of points awarded in different schools. Mother’s International School provided four lists of localities – those residing in List 1, closest to the school, receive 40 points; list 2 receives 30 points; etc. Residents of areas that are not on any list will not receive any distance points. Venkateshwara International School Sector 10, Dwarka awards 70 points to those who live within a 15 kilometer radius and 60 to those who live beyond. Bluebells School International awards 50 points to those whose addresses are along existing school bus lines.

Others have chosen a different system. At Raghubir Singh Junior Modern School, with 180 places in kindergarten, candidates for 39 places will be selected by drawing lots. Apart from places reserved at the discretion of management, SAP and staff rooms, 27 places are reserved for children with siblings in the school and 27 for those with a parent who is a senior. Almost all schools have extra points for children whose siblings attend school and those whose parent is a former student.

Several other schools have additional criteria that they are free to choose – the junior branches of DPS RK Puram have 5 points for girls, while Mother’s International has 10 points for the same; Ahlcon International School has 5 points for a child of a single parent, or first child or daughter.

The upper age limit for admission to a crèche is less than four years on March 31, 2022, less than five years for KG and less than six years for class I.

Dora W. Clawson