D&D Accessories: RPG in Space

This week, we’re going galactic as we pick out some of our favorite accessories to carry our spell scrambler sessions out of this world.

I love a good celestial aesthetic. Stars, moons, the general swoosh of the galaxy; everything is great. And with Spelljammer officially back on the gaming table, there’s never been a better time to bring a little space something to the D&D campaign.

1. The 5E Spelljammer Set

If you haven’t received your own copy yet, head to your local game store and get some. spell scrambler books! And if you don’t have a local game store or don’t want to leave the house (no judgment here, I’m a bit of a hermit myself) then follow this link and one will appear on your doorstep as per magic. D&D doesn’t have enough weird monsters, so throw in vampires and giant space hamsters. When your character hops on a boat to see it all, he’ll thank you.

2. Galactic Dice

These dice remind me of the cat’s collar in men in black. They are right see like a tiny galaxy is trapped inside. The super clear resin and sharp edges make it look like a finished work of art, and the copper numbers really pull it all together for a space-age feel.

3. Galaxy dice bow tie

Doctor Who said bow ties are cool, and while they’re usually not my first choice of fashion accessory, this galactic dice tie does the job of winning me over. Available in a variety of sizes for children or adults and self-tied or pre-tied, there are Dungeons and Dragons bow ties available for everyone. Whether you’re planning a fancy event or just like to look dapper in your everyday life, there might be room for a D&D bow tie in your closet.

4. Starship

If your characters are going to space, they will need a ship. And although this one is more of a ship than a star, it still has that characteristic. Treasure Planet-esque design that reminds me of deep space and high fantasy hybrids. As always, 3D printed props like this are super durable, but sometimes need to be finished, sanded, and painted by us, the player. But let’s be honest, that’s never really been a deterrent to our minis in the past.

5. The whole space

Dice are great, but you want all of your props to match and say, “We’re in space!” This set comes complete with dice, a drawstring dice bag, and a matching rolling tray. Just because your character is going on an adventure doesn’t mean your dice need it. Personally, I like having a matchy-matchy theme. And if you’re like me, this is a one-stop-shop for many of your D&D needs.

Do you have any space-themed D&D accessories? Did you get your copy of spell scrambler Again? What’s the last space-themed tabletop RPG you played? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Dora W. Clawson