Clairemont school stimulates creativity with an art exhibition

This was a spectacular landscape during the first art exhibition of Clairemont School, an upscale Montessori preschool and primary school in Lagos intended to produce well-rounded students. Parents were thrilled to see their children’s colorful and creative artwork in grades one through six.

The works produced by the young emerging artists in two weeks are textile designs, carpet designs with a strip of paper, drawings and paintings in pencil, pastel and acrylic. And the works, including accessories for the head, neck and hands, have been generously displayed in the school’s exhibition space for the enjoyment of parents and visitors to see and buy. However, the journey to organize the school’s exhibit began with a mini-exhibit at the school’s last graduation ceremony.

Special guest, Dr Raphael James, Director General of the Center for Research, Information and Media Development (CRIMMD) expressed his satisfaction with the quality of the works created by the students and appreciated the management of the school for organizing the event and motivating students to exceed expectations. He said: “It is important to expose children to Art because life is Art. There is nothing we do in life that is not art. And art is beyond painting and sculpture. If we can encourage these students at this tender age to take an interest in art, it will help them in the future as they grow up.

My son at the age of five started taking photos and at 15 he was declared the youngest photographer in Nigeria. This feat actually gave him confidence and helps him become the man I want him to be and not the one I’ll be afraid of in the future. He also encouraged parents to believe in their children and give them the opportunity to express themselves in art itself as a hobby.

Ms. Oby Awugosi, the school’s pedagogical director explained that this art exhibition is part of the school’s commitment to build a total child who is daring to face the world. “We have a strong program and we believe that a child can be as successful as possible if they believe they can. We use it as a magic shade to tell every kid in the school that they can do it. She added that the proceeds from the art auctions will be used to develop the school’s art department and plans to expand the event with inter-school art competitions.

The President of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA), Mr. Chris Ekpe, praised the school, especially the school’s art department. He noted that getting children to do a creative exercise because it is not an easy task. However, this exhibition is just a stepping stone, something bigger is expected from the department for the New Year.

“I am overwhelmed with joy. It beats my imagination the fantastic works these young learners created during our two week art workshop. Even some in high school cannot come up with creative works like this, ”said the artist coordinating the exhibition, Mr. Nosarime Osasame. “Some of the works have shown me the students’ passion for art and I am encouraged to harness their responsiveness in their creative abilities,” he said.

Some of the happy parents who spoke to DailySun are Ms. Patricia Martin-Osime whose children are in Grade 3 and Kindergarten 1 and Ms. Tega Jinadu whose children are in Grades 5 and 3. Parents who are in awe of their children’s creative abilities are grateful to the school for the positive difference it has made in their lives. Aside from improving their academic performance, they argued that their children are more expressive now than when they joined school. Sophia Martin-Osime exhibited a floral motif and Omotola Jinadu exhibited a drawing and painting of a fish and its future Toyota snail car.

Dora W. Clawson