CAST Preview 2022: Horticultural Ball

Notable new varieties to be introduced at CAST 2022 by Ball Horticultural:

  • Stop Location: 335 S. Briggs Road, Santa Paula, CA 93060
  • Dates: Wednesday March 30 to Saturday April 2 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Featured brands: Ball FloraPlant, Ball Ingenuity, Burpee plants, Darwin Perennials, Kieft Seed, PanAmerican Seed, Selecta One

Petunia SureShot is a new grower-friendly series of petunias that has a seven-day bloom time and a matching habit, so all colors can ship to retail at the same time. All varieties mix well to create a range of color combinations. Ideal for all sizes of pots and hanging baskets. Available in six colors.

Double Impatiens Glow is a new series of double impatiens with beautiful pink flowers highly resistant to impatiens downy mildew. They make fabulous, durable hanging baskets for shady, low-light gardens. Launching for spring 2023 in seven colours. Available exclusively through Ball Seed.

Coleus MicroBlaze Matchsticks from Ball FloraPlant is micro-coleus has a unique foliage pattern with a perfect habit for small pot programs and decorative container mixes. It’s versatile for full sun and shade with stunning color and high impact.

Veronica skyward from Darwin’s perennials offers a high number of flowers on a dense and straight habit and benefits from a continuous flowering. Its durability ensures plants grow and ship without breakage for more salable plants. Available in pink and blue. Pollinator friendly and powdery mildew resistant for perennial gardener success. Hardiness zone 4b to 9a

With Polemonium ‘Golden Feathers’ from Darwin’s perennials adds vibrant color to your shade scheme with this exciting Golden Variegated Polemonium (Jacob’s Ladder). Blue-violet flowers are a bonus from late spring through the summer months. Excellent accent plant in rockeries, landscapes or small containers. Hardiness zone 5b to 9a.

Echinacea Sombrero Poco Hot Pink is the compact version of the popular Echinacea Sombrero series. The sturdy plants are covered in bright, richly colored blooms. For Spring 2023, Hot Pink joins the team and is well matched in habit, timing and exceptional winter hardiness. Hardiness zone 4b to 9b

Aleppo pepper from Plant Burpees. Aleppo peppers have a sweet taste with a nice hint of heat in the back. This very thin-skinned, thin-walled pepper originates from Syria and Turkey. Mainly used dried or ground. The taste is slightly smoky, salty, sweet and warming.

peppers from heaven are small peppers perfect for hanging baskets and 6 to 7 in. pots. The compact plants produce lots of fleshy fruits that ripen from green to shiny (Red, Orange and Yellow varieties are available). Plant three plants in one pot for a fuller look.

Enhance your garden with heirloom tomato flavor and modern hybrid tomato performance. Tomato blushing star is an early maturing, sweet and savory pink steak. Its fruit has higher yield potential and fewer defects than most heirlooms. Provides disease resistance against downy mildew and septoria leaf spot.

Flowering Celosia from Ingenuity of the ball. The plumosa Floriosa series is available in several colors. She shines with her flaming torches from April as a cheerful spring bloomer to October as a rewarding fall decorating scheme. If finished before the end of May, Floriosa can be grown without black fabric – an interesting extension for this plant.

Dianthus fall in love Rosie from Ingenuity of the ball. The first hanging basket type dianthus on the market! Falling in Love Rosie quickly fills her containers and features beautiful cascading bright pink flowers. It offers repeat blooming from spring through summer for long-lasting color flow.

Petunia Headliner Strawberry Sky from Select one. The Sky Petunia family expands in Spring 2023 with Strawberry Sky, a berry shade dappled with the popular sky pattern. The Headliner series is a mounding series of medium vigor with early flowering and quick finishing.

Verbena Lascar Orange Lava from Select one. It’s a fiery red verbena with a creeping, spreading habit – a garden sight, like lava oozing on the ground! It is sure to attract attention. Lascar is early flowering and wide branching, and grows beautifully in hanging baskets and in combos as well.

Calibrachoa MiniFamous Uno White Gold from Select one.

Fantastic, two-tone new addition to this established Calibrachoa series. Clear white flowers with golden centers, pair well with other MiniFamous Uno strains. Its moderately compact habit makes it an ideal choice for baskets.

Perovskia Bluesette from Kief seed. This new variety has a controlled habit, early flowering and early finishing, making it easier to grow Perovskia for the consumer and landscape market. Bluesette works well in the front of the landscape, in a single high-end patio container, or as a mixed combo. Produces a pleasant fragrance and attracts bees and butterflies. Hardiness zone: 4a to 9a

Rudbeckia Goldblitzfrom Kief seed. Goldblitz is a natural day length growth solution! This first-year flowering perennial offers a more economical entry option for natural daylength growers because the clods do not require special treatment to yield the same quality as Goldsturm. Hardiness zone: 3a to 9b

Rudbeckia August from Ingenuity of the ball. This series of eye-catching summer-blooming perennials features masses of blooms in modern, eye-catching colors. The semi-double flowers grow beautifully in large containers for display windows or make an excellent cut flower for the garden.

PanAmerican Seed Solarscape Interspecific Impatiens

Solarscape is an interspecific impatiens grown from seed that provides unbeatable color in landscapes and containers in full sun. Works like vegetative varieties with the flexibility of seed. Greenhouses that supply the professional landscape market will appreciate this option for non-branding needs. Available in four colors plus an XL variety.

Begonia Hula from PanAmerican Seed

A series of single-spread begonias that look great on the retail bench and stunning in hanging baskets and mixed containers. Hula is quick to fill in landscaped beds, creating a blanket of flowers with high-impact color – launched with two-tone red, blush, pink and red white.

PanAmerican Seed Sun Dipper Tomato

Perfect for dipping, Sun Dipper’s elongated fruit can be held between your fingers for easy use with dips and sauces. The orange fruit looks great on a vegetable platter and tastes delicious. The durable plant has a high resistance to soil diseases. Differentiate your vegetable program with this gourmet option!

Dora W. Clawson