Call for Projects – Tenth Edition “Science of Art”

feel joy

Located in the Parc de l’Essonne, CC91 supports the production and distribution of contemporary works at the crossroads of the fields of art and science. These original meetings resulted in the presentation of technical proposals in around thirty towns, cities, towns and cultural associations in Essonne. Reception areas may not be specifically dedicated to exhibitions (media libraries, high schools, nurseries, etc.).

External suggestions are possible.


  • dungeon The production and distribution of contemporary works of art at the crossroads of the fields of art and science.
  • increase Collaboration between artists and researchers resulting in long-term projects.
  • closer more Audiences of contemporary art forms.
  • discover Different from the scientific research of the general public in Essonne
  • see In a participative way the local structures (social, educational, cultural and scientific) in a common project in order to connect the whole region.

Specific domain, diverse audience, innovative approach

Territory constituting several universities and research centers, Essonne concentrates nearly 15% of French research.

Since its creation, CC91 has wanted to advance its vision of culture through affordable and high quality artistic projects. It is quite naturally that “La Science de l’Art” was born, a biennial of contemporary art which shares the limelight with science. At each edition, new partners join the project allowing the festival to expand in the department but also in Ile-de-France.

In order to reach a wide audience and provide them with reading keys for a better understanding of the project, each book will be accompanied by mediation devices: conferences, debates, literary breakfasts and lunches, activities around young audiences, meetings, workshops … These actions allow the Biennale to remain accessible to all while preserving the quality of contemporary art.


1. Selection criteria

CC91 is looking for artists and companies who want to build a work in collaboration with a scientist around the theme: Experience Joy.

The work can be already finished and ready to be broadcast, in progress, in pre-production or tailor-made as part of Art Science 2021. It will be judged on the following criteria: originality, relevance to the subject and quality artistic.

2. Choose artists

the first one Arrange The selection committee will shortlist the files on the basis of their content including:

• Letter of Intent


• Presentation of the project and its insertion in the subject

• Presentation of recent work and technical approach (location, etc.)

• Administrative file: name, address, contact, etc. SIRET number, Maison des Artistes / AGESSA registration number, etc.

The deadline for submission is September 11, 2022

Second Arrange The projects selected by the committee will be presented to the partners.

The selection of your project by one of them will validate the job offer at the festival.

3. Project progress

The call for projects was launched more than a year before the event in order to allow artist(s) and researcher(s) to collaborate at each stage of the creative process.

CC91, thanks to the arts and sciences centre, puts you in touch with a scientist whose field of research is as close as possible to the approach undertaken. If you are already working with a scientist, this collaboration can continue within the framework of the festival. The work produced will be presented in the structure of the partner who has chosen your company.

4. Fees and production support

CC91 will finance the work, broken down into fees and production assistance.

5. Cultural works (my choice)

If suggested with the company, please provide a brief description (10 lines) as well as a budget estimate.

Estimated budget

Useful information

Application deadline: September 11, 2022

The application is sent by email: [email protected]

or by mail :

A cultural meeting in Essonne

The swimming pool at 14 rue Léo Lagrange 91700 Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois

Contact: 01 69 46 01 78 /

[email protected]

Artists can register via this online form

Invitation to upload projects

Dora W. Clawson