Bilal Maqsood releases eight animated and original nursery rhymes in Urdu – Art & Culture

Strings founder Bilal Maqsood uses his musical talents for other purposes – he has written, composed and sung eight Urdu nursery rhymes, focusing on a much younger and cuter audience. The animated rhymes are in collaboration with Peek Freans Gluco and are available on YouTube. Maqsood said that his only goal is to provide Pakistani children with quality content in Urdu.

“Hi guys! Eight original Urdu nursery rhymes. Written, composed and sung by me in collaboration with Peek Freans Gluco are now on YouTube,” the singer wrote in an Instagram post. He added that they will soon be available on all audio streaming platforms.

Maqsood’s post featured a video with snippets of the animated rhymes and her voice in the background. His rhymes are sandwiched between snippets of him addressing the audience to introduce his new project.

“I produced these nursery rhymes in collaboration with Peek Freans Gluco so that Pakistani children can have quality content in Urdu,” he explained in the video. “These rhymes will be available on YouTube and other streaming platforms,” he added, mentioning the link in his bio to his YouTube channel.

It looks like an adorable project that kids will enjoy and learn from and even got lots of praise from parents in the comments section under her Instagram post.

The musical journey of the strings It’s over after 33 years, on March 25, 2021 and almost a year later, Maqsood decided to go solo and chart his own path. The singer Recount Pictures in January 2022, he will release three solo singles, possibly one after the other.

“I’m in a very happy place right now,” he said. ICON. “When Faisal and I decided to end Strings, things felt weird for a while. I kept thinking about what I wanted to do, but then I decided to go with the flow and go where life would take me.

And life took Maqsood by the hand and led him down new paths. He sang covers of songs on his piano at home and posted them on Instagram. He took on the role of music producer and ran a groovy, groovy Soundstation. He revamped the jingle of a well-known tea advertisement and most recently collaborated with SomeWhatSuper for Pakistan Super League franchise, Quetta Gladiators. Now he has some new projects going on and one of them has already come to fruition with these Urdu rhymes.

Dora W. Clawson