Best Xbox Series X Accessories of 2022

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About the best Xbox Series X accessories

The Xbox Series X accessories we’ve tested extensively include a variety of controllers, headsets, memory cards, and external hard drives. Of course, all of these can also be classified as the best Xbox Series X accessories, as they are all compatible with both versions of Microsoft’s latest panels.

Additional controllers aren’t just useful for multiplayer, but can add a touch of style to your setup as Microsoft offers several official controller colors and we’ve already seen third-party hardware brands like Razer design the latest controllers for gaming. Series X that says “I’ll do it”. provide something for those looking for mods and something a bit specialized. You’ll also find that some of the best Xbox One controllers from the last generation are compatible with Series X, as are the best Xbox One headsets.

Speaking of headsets, there are plenty of accessory options from the all-new X Series, and we want to remind you that a better gaming headset isn’t just for online gaming. We love using them to create the best immersive experiences with virtual surround sound features that take single-player experiences to the next level.

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Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset

Microsoft’s new $99 Xbox Wireless Headset isn’t perfect, but it’s the best attempt at an Xbox gaming headset and everyday wireless headset I’ve tried yet. It supports the Xbox Wireless Protocol, making it easy to pair with any Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S console.

It also supports Bluetooth (version 4.2, SBC codec), and even better, it can connect via both protocols simultaneously. So you can take a call or mix the sound of any application coming from a phone, tablet or PC with the sound coming from your Xbox console.

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Microsoft Xbox Series X Controller

The reliable old Xbox wireless controller. In keeping with Microsoft’s push for cross-generational continuity, the launch of the new Xbox Wireless Controller with Xbox Series X and Series S isn’t so much a “next-gen” controller as it is an incremental update to the one we already know. It’s packed with small tweaks that improve specific elements of the Xbox experience, like recording gameplay, using the D-pad, and handling.

There aren’t any big ‘next-gen’ changes though, no features designed to change the way we play and interact with games, just a slightly better controller than before. If you’re craving that next-gen moment where the hardware gives you a glimpse of what could be, it might take your breath away a bit.

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Razer Wolverine V2

The Razer Wolverine V2 is the latest controller from the snake-obsessed PC and peripheral maker. I’ve been using Wolverine Tournament Edition for two years and it’s my go-to device for PC and Xbox gaming. The Wolverine TE is a phenomenal controller thanks to its design, Mecha-Tactile switches, customization options, and durability.

Razer has refined the design of the Wolverine to improve ergonomics. Long, tapered handles have been replaced with more rounded bulbous handles that are easier to grip. Razer has used new L-shaped grips that feel deeper and more secure in your hands. It also makes it easier to access the main triggers. Additionally, a more textured rubber was used around the grips.

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Fosmon Dual 2 Max Xbox Charging Station

When it comes to Xbox Core controllers, what always bothers me is the fact that they still run on AA batteries. Well, Fosmon’s Dual Max 2 Controller Charging Dock gives you extremely powerful batteries that make gaming and charging a breeze.

Inside the box you will find the charging station, a micro-USB cable to connect to your console, 2 batteries, as well as 2 battery covers for the main controllers and 2 battery covers for the Xbox One controllers . great that Fosmon thought of some backwards compatibility here, especially since I now have both types of drivers loaded into this dock.

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Venom Dual Rechargeable Battery

There comes a time in life after buying an Xbox One where you need that all-important controller charger, right? After all, nobody likes having to replace batteries all the time. In recent months, the market has been flooded with a variety of charging options, some good, some not so good.

The chargers are available in different styles: play n’ charge, docking station for your controller or traditional battery charger. Venom’s dual rechargeable battery packs play and charge style: it charges them via a micro USB cable while they’re still connected to the controller. The Venom Dual Rechargeable Battery comes in two colours: black for £9.99 and white for £12.99, but we’ll be reviewing the white mainly because it matches our new Xbox and our new controller.

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Official Seagate storage expansion card

Seagate’s storage expansion card aims to relieve pressure on overloaded on-board storage. adds perfectly to your console.

Using the new Xbox Velocity Architecture storage system, the card can achieve extremely fast loading and transfer speeds. It’s not as fast on the built-in storage, but it’s up to 40 times faster than a conventional drive, according to Microsoft calculations. Please also note that a Velocity Architecture storage system is required to play Xbox Series X/S Enhanced games.

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WD Black P10 1-5TB Game Drive

The most important thing to know about the P10 Game Drive is that it’s a 2.5-inch hard drive that spins at 5400 RPM, which means its data transfer speeds will be extremely slow. compared to an external SSD. The P10 is rated for speeds of up to 140 Mbps, compared to typical 1000 Mbps speeds for most external SSDs in fast versions of USB and onboard PCI Express NVMe.

In addition to being slower than SSDs, external hard drives are generally bulkier because they have to make room for the turntable, drive head, and associated mechanical parts. Fortunately, the P10 manages to pack all of these parts into a relatively compact package.

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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Over the past year, Xbox Game Pass has added a variety of EA titles to the service. It’s also added mountains of third-party games, ranging from small experimental indie titles to AAA blockbusters. Microsoft has added the ability to stream Xbox Game Pass titles from the cloud to your Android devices.

As we look to the future, I thought I’d take an updated look at the past few years and how the service has grown and expanded. Here are some thoughts on Xbox Game Pass, and whether or not it’s worth your time and money.

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Steel Arctis 7X Series

SteelSeries Arctis 7X Wireless is the Xbox variant of the SteelSeries Arctis 7P Wireless. Like the 7P, they have a well-built design that’s comfortable enough to wear for extended gaming marathons and offers nearly 24 hours of battery life. Its boom mic does a great job of recording your voice even in noisy environments, and with its companion software you can customize your sound profile using the graphic equalizer or presets.

The SteelSeries Arctis 7X is very good for wireless gaming. Thanks to its USB dongle, you can wirelessly connect to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S | X and Nintendo Switch consoles with very low latency. These headphones have a comfortable fit and last just under 24 hours on a single charge. Its boom mic also does a great overall job of recording your voice.

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