Best Escape Room in Houston

Best Escape Room in Houston – Image Credit: Escape the Room Texas Facebook page

If you’ve never played an Escape Room game, now is your chance! You don’t want to miss it – an hour of mind-blowing fun and problem-solving! We’ve got you covered with the best escape room list in Houston, along with all the deals you love us for. Step out of the ordinary and think about these interactive group challenges – and do it without breaking the bank!

Here’s our list of the best escape rooms in Houston, including some great specials to experience them for less:

Best Escape Room In Houston – 10 Great Options


PanIQ Houston Escape Room

Image Credit: PanIQ Escape Room Houston Facebook Page

Military Bunker, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the Wild West are the three escape rooms available to you. There is a limit of seven people who can participate. Your team has 60 minutes in each room to escape.

Tickets: Public: $ 30 | Private: $ 35 – Save up to 48% on admission to Paniq Escape Room
Site: 1017 Eagle St, Houston, Texas 77002


There are two escape rooms to choose from: The Woodlands and Midtown Houston, with all games being private experiences. You and your team are going to fight, whether you rob a bank or escape the dig. Can you get in and out in under 60 minutes?

Cost of the ticket: $ 80 for 2 participants
Located at:3303 Louisiana St # 220, Houston, Texas 77006


Escape Hunt Houston

Image Credit: Escape Hunt Houston Facebook Page

Theft of the Lone Stars, Blackbeard’s Treasure, Alice in Puzzleland, Mystery in the Mansion, Houston We’ve Had a Problem, and The Fourth Samurai are the six escape rooms you can choose from.

Cost: $ 35.95 per person
Or: 125 W Gray St # 100, Houston, TX 77019, United States


Choose between Sherlock Holmes vs. Illuminati (2-10 players), The Cabin (2-6 players), Art Heist (4-10 players), or RAID (4-8 players). You get 60 minutes for each.

Tickets: $ 32 per person
Site: 367 Sawdust Rd, Spring, TX 77380


The Escape Game (Houston)

Image Credit: The Escape Game Facebook Page (Houston)

Special Ops: Mysterious Market, The Heist, Playground, Gold Rush, and Prison Break are among the five escape rooms available. You and your team will enter a 60-minute themed area to find clues, solve puzzles and complete your task in order to leave before the time runs out.

Cost of the ticket: $ 36.99 per person. Get up for 15% reduction on admission to The Escape Game
Located at: 794 Sorella Ct # 127, Houston, Texas 77024

The Escape Game in Houston

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Best Escape Room in Houston List – Continued


The Exitology Escape Room is a next-generation escape room that features a diverse range of original puzzles, in-depth narrative lines, and cutting-edge technical challenges and components to keep your mind energized while having fun. The three escape rooms are Horror Nursery Room, Mission Escapossible, and The Tomb of Empress (coming soon).

Cost: $ 30 per person. Get 20% off the Private Escape Room Experience for up to ten
Or: 4641 S Main St, Stafford, TX 77477


Exit virtual reality

Image Credit: Exitus VR Facebook Page

Each player can view, interact and communicate with their teammates in a virtual reality dimension using the virtual reality headset. Your escape room adventure will last approximately 60 minutes. The four escape rooms are Escape The Lost Pyramid, Cosmos, Propagation VR, Mission Sigma, and Christmas.

Tickets: $ 30-35 per person
Site:5629 Southwest Fwy, Houston, Texas 77057


Game moderators provide you with up to three hints throughout the 60 minute time limit. The East location has Rameses Revenge, Escape the Titanic, Studio Wonderland, Screams from Below, and Lost in Time. In the western location, you can choose from Apollo 13, Da Vinci Code Breaker, Pandemic, Alamo, and Medusa’s Lair.

Cost of the ticket: $ 24.99- $ 29.99 per person
Located at: 2 branches east and west of Houston


Project Panic Houston

Image Credit: Project Panic Houston Facebook Page

You and a team of family, friends or colleagues are confined to one room with only 60 minutes to get out. You have the option to choose between The Gallery (4-8 players) and Cabin Fever (4-10 players).

Cost: $ 32 per person. Benefit from a 22% reduction on admission for 4!
3510 Main St suite c, Houston, TX 77002


Cabin (up to ten people), Jailbreak (up to eight people), and Locker Room (up to ten people) are the three escape room choices available.

Tickets: $ 25 per person
2628 Chestnut Ridge Rd, Kingwood, Texas 77339

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