Bengaluru Airport has a changing room for diapers in the men’s restroom and everyone loves it

A tweet celebrating the presence of a changing room in the men’s toilets at Bengaluru airport is going viral. Even today, locker rooms are mostly attached to women’s bathrooms as they are only supposed to change the baby’s diaper. However, Bengaluru Airport has taken a step in the right direction by including her in the men’s section as well.

“Must be celebrated. Spotted in a men’s restroom at @BLRAirport – a diaper changing station. Childcare is not just the responsibility of women.

The Bengaluru airport handle responded to his tweet.

“Thank you Sukhada @appadappajappa for your appreciation. The diaper changing station is a feature of our washrooms – regardless of gender – at #BLRAirport. They are well equipped and allow a parent to change a baby in privacy and comfort .

Netizens applauded the development.

“Wow. Well done @BLRAirport progressive thinking.

“Love it!!”

“It’s great to see, so many places only have it in the women’s toilets. It should either be in a place where it’s accessible to both, i.e. outside the gender-specific toilets or both.

“Our country is changing for good.”

“Changes that put shared responsibility at the center are in turn pushing the boundaries of equality.”

“A change that gives me hope. Whoever was on the thinking team thought inclusively and in terms of equal responsibility.

“After going through nightmarish experiences changing diapers over the years for two kids in the men’s bathroom with little or no support to perform the feat, I’m just glad that phase is over. It’s such a welcome move, but sadly it won’t happen on a large scale.

“It’s such a good thing. Beautiful Bangalore. Second best thing after weather.

Should this be introduced at all Indian airports?

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Dora W. Clawson