Badi previews Uhuru Park’s new look, state-of-the-art facilities

Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) Chief Executive Mohamed Badi said the revamped Uhuru Park will be inaugurated on Saturday August 6 by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Speaking on Thursday, August 4, Badi revealed that the leisure park has been revamped using old materials such as old buses and airplanes to give it a unique look and feel.

Badi revealed that NMS has acquired former double decker buses which have since been converted into restaurants which have also been segmented to cater to all who visit.

NMS General Manager Mohamed Badi during an interview on Spice FM Thursday, August 4, 2022

FM Spice

For kids visiting Uhuru Park, Badi said NMS has created ice cream parlors in different locations, all built using old buses and other old materials to enhance the aesthetics of the park.

According to Badi, the new look Uhuru Park has an old airplane converted into a modern upscale hotel.

“It took us time because we went to benchmark in places like Addis Ababa because they have good amusement parks. We are now modifying what we have seen to suit the taste of Kenya “Badi said. FM Spice.

“In Uhuru Park, we will have high-end, middle-income and low-income restaurants.”

According to the NMS masterplan, the new-look Uhuru Park will also have a modern garden with waterfronts. The green spaces will include, among other amenities, a plant nursery, a skating park, a nature trail, an outdoor library, jogging and biking trails, a maintenance yard, offices and a lawnmower garden.

The park will be under 24-hour surveillance once it opens to the public.

The NMS general manager noted that Uhuru will officially commission it on Saturday. However, renovations will continue for the next two months.

“We intend to open this weekend. It will be commissioned this weekend but the work is 80% complete.

“It will take another month or two to finish everything and open it to the public. But His Excellency the President will open it this weekend,” Badi added.

NMS, whose mandate expires towards the end of this year, explained that political gatherings in the park will be limited after it reopens.

According to Badi, the mental health issue drove the decision to renovate Uhuru Park and Central Park. It also stemmed from stakeholder demand after the completion of Michuki Park.

An image of Uhuru Park

An image of Uhuru Park


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