Art for Evolutions SUPERCOCO-NFT Launches Blue Elite Membership

MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA, USA, March 28, 2022 / — SUPERCOCO-NFT (SC-NFT)the first NFT environmental art project to create a new coral reef park with NFTs, launches its Blue Elite Membership.

The BE is a powerful community where everyone is proud to be part of the BLUE ELITE (BE) of human HEROES, hard working organizations and responsible businesses helping to save the oceans and the future of our planet with tools of the future: NFTs.

The BE Membership Program provides essential support to carry out our mission to connect members to nature and help protect the oceans. The BLUE MARK PROGRAM is funded and implemented with 3 categories of BE members at different levels:

Anyone can join the BLUE ELITE by purchasing the NFT BE MEMBERSHIP. There will be five levels of membership: Gold, Silver, Life Member, 2022 Member and Collector Membership, which can be obtained by collecting #SC10 3D Trading Cards and 20k #SC-Legion NFTs.

The BE Corporate Membership Program enables companies to be part of a major CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (CSR) campaign supporting the first CSR initiative based on CFLs.

As our membership grows, our ability to advocate for clean water and healthy oceans becomes even more powerful. The initiative invites ocean conservation organizations to become BE members now.

This real-impact NFT environmental project will be deployed with 3 NFT collections, resulting in 2 underwater works of art: the BML is a coral nursery with 200 coral trees to grow 20,000 corals per year in a new artificial reef of 1 acre, the BMP park. SUPERCOCO-NFT will be launched on the Polygon and Solana blockchains in the second quarter of 2022.

Analia Bordenave (artist AB), author and director of the environmental project #SC NFT, has an established career in participatory, ecological and AR art. She is the founder of ART FOR EVOLUTION (AFE), the nonprofit charity in Miami Beach, Florida, where scientists, coral restoration experts, master divers, developers, crypto-financial analysts, and great volunteers help enrich the environment . Analia uses her art as a medium to promote positive change in society and the environment as she believes art has the power to change the world.

The oceans need our help, and it is our responsibility to act!


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