Anthony DeVito finds art and honesty in family secrets

Spreading family secrets isn’t always fun. But as Anthony DeVito showed us, it sure can be damn funny.

With his one man show My father is not Danny DeVitowhich hits Nick’s in Worcester on Thursday (January 27), the New York-based comedy veteran digs deep to tell the story of his father-turned-man in an organized crime family, and while the topic is certainly a bit surprisingly, DeVito is excited to introduce him to crowds outside of New York and watch him grow.

“I’m always curious to see how this show pans out,” DeVito said. Vanyaland. “I haven’t taken it on the road too much, so I’m always interested to see how people react, especially when only about half the people out there know what they’re getting into. It will be interesting to see how it holds up, but it will also be good for me to learn how it holds up in an environment where people may not be completely in tune with what they will see and hear.

What started out as part of his usual stand-up set, DeVito quickly realized as he dove into a subject so difficult and uncomfortable that he needed a little more room to breathe. With the material he’s cultivated since changing course with the show, the jumble of emotions and perspectives has become just a more complex explanation for a complicated series of events, and DeVito admits quickly that playing the show and keeping up with the rails, was challenging to say the least, but he also had a lot of fun.

“With stand-up, I’ve done the jokes so many times, but I hang on to life during the one-man show. The performances are very different,” DeVito explains. one-man show, I’m struggling to find the right words to say, because it’s a new hour all of a sudden, and some parts are very emotional, so I have to give these moments what they need. It’s very difficult, and the hardest thing I’ve done, but it’s also a lot of fun.

Citing the work of Colin Quinn, Chris Gethard, and Gary Gulman as inspiration for taking this creative turn, DeVito envisions this show’s endgame to have a similar fate in the form of a special. Until then, he’s just looking forward to telling his story and connecting with the crowds on a deeper, more personal level, while hoping to help others come to terms with their own uncomfortable family secrets.

“I really appreciated how people felt comfortable enough to come see me after the show and reveal a piece of their family history,” DeVito said. “I hope people can take that out of this, where they can be more comfortable revealing something in their own lives that was uncomfortable. If anyone can do it now, thanks to this show, then great. No one should walk around and hold things that eat them alive.

ANTHONY DEVITO: MY FATHER IS NOT DANNY DEVITO :: Thursday January 27 :: 8 p.m. :: Nick’s, 124 Millbury Street in Worcester :: $15 :: Advance tickets

Dora W. Clawson