Adding a splash of color can brighten up any room (B&B Two Scoops review Sep 5, 2022)

Hello and welcome to the latest shootout between Brooke and Taylor. Only their choice of weapons for this duel were not pistols or knives, but rather many tubes of colored paint. Hey, the Forrester living room decor needed a little sprucing up, anyway, and these bright hues certainly brightened up the dull color palette. After writing The Young and the Restless Two Scoops column for over seven years, writing a Two Scoops column for another soap opera prompted me to come out of semi-retirement to clear cobwebs from my computer. (It’s a new Mac, so it didn’t take long.) Since I’ve been watching all four daytime soaps, it seems like fun to voice my opinions, good and bad, on Y&R’s sister soap. As you may know, AMJ is taking a few weeks off for personal reasons, but he will be back next month to share his thoughts on the B&B.

The couples on B&B are a little scary in that they all seem to be able to get over a broken romance in record time. I know when my heart was broken in two in the past, it took me a long time to heal and I wasn’t ready to take a chance on another love for quite a while. I sometimes wonder if any of the characters have ever been truly in love if they’re able to jump into another relationship so quickly afterwards. All time. And when they take the plunge, it’s usually with someone they’ve known in the past. Come on, it’s Los Angeles. There must be plenty of fish in this sea, but no bait seems capable of attracting them. A perfect example of this is what I’ve affectionately called “the eternal triangle” of Hope, Liam and Steffy,

Liam flip-flopped between the two lovely ladies so many times my head got tired of spinning. And the storylines of this trio have become redundant and stale, with virtually the same lines being spoken day after day after day. Hope and Steffy were doing everything in their power to win the grand prize, only I couldn’t see how Liam could be considered a prize when he could never decide between them in a way that would stick. Hey, girls, it’s all yours. But it got so tiring to watch because it was always the same old, same old. No one was more thrilled than me when the dashing Dr. John Finnegan rode into town on his white horse to sweep the beautiful Miss Steffy off her feet. It really seemed like “the eternal triangle” had come to a definitive end, after all.

But then Sheila went back to town and did what Sheila always does by creating havoc and mayhem the second her toe crossed the city limit line. And she couldn’t let the son, whom she claimed to love and want to reconnect with, come out of her mass destruction. God forbid! Oh, no, Sheila saved the worst for Finn, when she shot him “dead” (soap dead) and then turned the gun on his beloved wife. Only Steffy survived, and when it was discovered that she had partial memory loss and believed she was still married to Liam, I yelled at the TV, “No! The eternal triangle is back! Shit, Sheilla!” And Taylor really expected Hope to agree to Liam pretending to be married to Steffy. Yeah OK.

So, I thought I’d be back fast-forwarding through the same monotonous scenes with my remote, when a bright light suddenly shone on the horizon. I love when a soap can surprise me. You know, it happened when I had my mouth open after shouting “What?!” But it’s so rare to trip fans up these days, because we’ve seen just about every soap story under the sun. However, B&B managed to accomplish this great feat with me twice. The first time was when Nicole confronted her older sister, Maya, and announced that she knew from the past that Maya was her brother. What?! I could have sworn Nicole was going to say mom, so I was like, yeah, well, what else new? But, yes, brother was definitely new. Cheer!

The second time came quite recently when we all learned that Finn was still alive. I was practically in tears and thanking my lucky stars. I could pause on using my fast-forward button because the eternal triangle wouldn’t line up once more to spin around. Or however a triangle rotates. But also, I really like Steffy and Finn together. He accepts her as the strong, independent woman that she is, and it’s very obvious that to him, she doesn’t play second fiddle. Steffy is number one with Finn and vice versa. It is very romantic and wonderful to watch. And with Sheila still around, even if they don’t know it yet, this happy couple will still have plenty of drama and angst to fill their lives that will keep them on the back burner.

And speaking of backburner, until recently Bill had all but disappeared from our screens. Sadly, I can see why Wyatt hasn’t been as present after being paired with the not-so-popular napping Flo instead of the feisty and complex Sally, who thankfully has evolved in a terrific way. to Y&R. But we still need the complicated and sometimes morally challenged Bill Spencer in our lives. Since Katie and Bill have had sex several times before, it’s time for the two of them to move on to something new. Damn, Katie should have called and done with Bill the first time she found out he chose her sister Brooke over her. So, I’m ready for Bill to sip and dine with another beautiful lady. Could someone be Finn’s mother, Li? Time will tell us.

Then there’s probably what you might call the original eternal triangle: Brooke, Ridge, and Taylor. Really, are we ready for another round with this trio? I have to admit, though, that the paint fight between Brooke and Taylor was pretty entertaining. They not only enlivened the scene with their bickering but also with the vibrant colors they were covered with. But, yes, they were acting more childish than Douglas, and the poor fellow had to do without his paintings once they finally vented all their anger and frustration with each other. Oh, well, that’s how life goes sometimes. Both Brooke and Taylor were wrong, and they should have been ashamed, but somehow I doubt they were. All is fair in love and war, even if immaturity and insecurity prevail.

Why do Steffy and Thomas treat Hope as if she isn’t Douglas’ “real” mother? Hope adopted him, and she and Thomas arranged to have a contract drawn up specifying that they have joint custody of the boy. But now Thomas has decided he wants full custody of Douglas, so to hell with Hope? Thomas almost acts as if Hope had been Douglas’ guardian until he felt he was ready to take custody. Hope is the mother of Thomas’s son, as Thomas intended. A bigger question is why Steffy, Taylor, Ridge and Brooke all get involved in the custody issue? Was Taylor using Douglas to conquer Ridge, as Brooke claims? But really, it should be between Hope and Thomas. It’s their decision to make, not their family.

Have Thomas and Hope ever heard of compromise, especially since they live in the same town? Come on, it’s not like they live in different states. Either way, they are constantly visiting each other. Shoot, sometimes Thomas seems to be at Hope’s house more often than Liam. But apparently it was better to drag Douglas into all this nonsense than to discuss together, calmly and reasonably, what is in the best interests of the child. They could arrange for everyone to win. There is a lot of love for everyone, and a child can always use as much as they can. But selfish reasons seem to be the determining factor. It should be about what Douglas needs, not what Thomas wants. And what Thomas seemed to want was Hope. Oh no not yet!

Other notable (or humorous) things that happened during the week

Where Deacon goes, trouble ensues, and Sheila gives the word “trouble” the best meaning by far. A masked Sheila is just as dangerous as an unmasked one. Deacon always finds a way to get himself into the worst of situations, and he may never be able to get over Sheila. Even his former victims are still trying to do it. Ask his son. And sadly, Sheila was determined to find a way back into Finn’s life. These biological bonds can keep him bonded to her for life and beyond. (Finn has already almost tasted the afterlife, thanks to Dear Mum.)

I will be so sorry to see Rena Sofer go! I loved it Cinderella history between Quinn and Eric, and I supported them throughout. Even if Quinn is with Carter now, it’s probably better. It looks like Quinn could be recast, since we’ve already seen Ms. Sofer’s latest airdate. I’m just glad we got to follow Eric and Quinn’s love story with them. Farewell, Rena Sofer! We will cherish the memories.

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