Accessories for your vehicle’s next Canadian adventure

Your car is more than just a way to get from point A to point B. If you’re like most people, your car not only gets you and your loved ones wherever you want to go, but it carries all your equipment and the necessary accessories. with you. Sometimes there is a lot of material.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast of any level, you know that packing all your gear for a weekend boating trip, camping trip, hiking excursion, beach getaway, or whatever can sometimes require creativity. Fitting all your gear into your vehicle can be a frustrating Tetris that makes you sweat and swear before you even get out of the driveway. To make your next outdoor adventure as smooth as possible, eBay Motors offers a plethora of accessories for your vehicle designed to help you haul more or go farther.

1. Bike racks

Buy Bike Racks on eBay Motors

At the top of the list of the ultimate outdoor accessories for your vehicle is the bike rack. There are many options for choosing the best bike rack for your vehicle.

A basic trunk-mounted bike rack is easy to install and can be a very affordable option for budget-conscious buyers who only want occasional use. If you don’t like having your bikes in the back of your vehicle, consider a roof rack. This is a great option for frequent riders who have lightweight bikes and want a permanent installation that’s ready to go at any time.

You can also get convenient locking mechanisms for added protection and security with these racks. Another great option for trucks and SUVs is a hitch-mounted bike rack. They tend to be strong and stable and are easier to get on and off bikes than a somewhat out of reach roof rack. Most of the time, your choice of bike rack will be dictated by the type of vehicle you have, the number of bikes you want to carry, and how often or how far you carry them.

2. Toy trailers and transporters

Accessories for your vehicle's next Canadian adventure

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For those who don’t travel light and need to pack larger toys or accessories for the ride, a towable trailer or toy hauler might be in order. Maybe you just need a compact, lightweight trailer to lug around a riding mower or lawn tractor. There are also trailers for towing other vehicles, ATVs and UTVs for your favorite off-road adventures. Need a covered trailer that protects all your gear from the weather and possible theft? We have what you need. You can even find the perfect horse trailer to take to shows or beach rides.

Maybe you’re looking for a fifth wheel or toy hauler that not only hauls all your fun outdoor toys, but also gives you a compact and comfortable living space for road trips. a night. There’s no shortage of sizes, prices and designs to get you in the camping mood.

3. Kayak/canoe carrier

Accessories for your vehicle's next Canadian adventure

Buy Canoe Carriers on eBay Motors

For anyone who enjoys leisurely canoe rides on pristine streams or even those who live for more aggressive conditions and the challenge of navigating a kayak through rapids and rocks, you will need a kayak or a reliable and robust canoe carrier.

It starts, of course, with selecting the perfectly fitting crossbars. Be sure to measure carefully or consult your owner’s manual for exact specs on sizing, as crossbars are definitely not a one-time purchase. While it is acceptable to mount your canoe or kayak directly to your crossbars, it is not recommended as it can damage or dent your boat’s hull.

Adding a kayak rack will provide the safe and secure transportation you want. Most kayak racks are saddle-style or stacker-style. This choice is usually simply based on personal preference. If you don’t want to struggle with getting your kayak on the roof of your vehicle, consider a lightweight and compact kayak trailer.

4. Car tents

Accessories for your vehicle's next Canadian adventure

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If you’ve never used one, a car tent is a smart and effective way to turn your vehicle into a small motorhome. You can choose a roof-mounted tent that attaches to the crossbars of your vehicle. It unfolds and opens, allowing you to sleep up to five people elevated off the ground and safe from dangerous or curious animal visitors. They usually have a removable ladder as the primary means of entering and exiting the tent.

Another great option is the truck tent. As the name suggests, this tent anchors to the bed of your truck, also giving you an elevated, drier, and more protected option than a typical ground tent. These tents are very model specific, so be sure to choose one that is designed to fit your specific truck bed. The final, and most affordable option when it comes to car tents is the hatchback tent. Attached to the back of your minivan, SUV or jeep, it extends your vehicle’s trunk space into usable living space. Pretty brilliant, actually.

5. Portable air compressors

Accessories for your vehicle's next Canadian adventure

Buy Portable Air Compressors on eBay Motors

Any outdoor enthusiast with even a modicum of experience is likely to carry a compact yet powerful 12 volt portable air compressor or tire inflator in their vehicle. Even if you’re not an outdoor enthusiast, these versatile units are a great addition to your roadside emergency kit and should be considered by everyone.

Some air compressors run solely on your vehicle’s 12 volt DC power supply, while others may be an AC/DC hybrid compressor, or even a cordless, battery-operated option. Portable air compressors will quickly and easily fill the air in your vehicle’s tires if you experience a slow leak and don’t want the bother of going to your local gas station for air. Many of them are also equipped with additional adapters for filling sports equipment such as inflatable kayaks, paddle boards, water toys, air mattresses, sports balls, etc., making it a great tool versatile.

Also consider buying an air compressor that has a flashlight with SOS mode for emergency use. Just make sure you get one that is rated to achieve the necessary PSI (pounds per square inch) to properly inflate your specific tire size.

Dora W. Clawson