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New Delhi, Aug 14 (IANSlife) A home that exudes comfort, a wineglass filled with luxury or a sheet that lulls you into a pleasant sleep – these carefully selected little details are what give our homes their emotional impact and serve reflecting our personalities.

Since last year, Nykaa Fashion has been committed to providing customers with a diverse selection of brands to enhance the look of places in their homes. Twig & Twine, an in-house brand that aspires to provide a dual opportunity to let your home express your individual story, is now offered on the premier multi-brand fashion e-commerce platform.

Building a house piece by piece and going on a hunt can be an exciting and life-changing experience. Twig & Twine offers collections seasoned with elegance, history and style to help you in this process and allow you to explore the worlds of whimsical, minimalist, yet avant-garde and price-conscious designs. Your home will become an above-average storyteller thanks to the foreign style and feel of the offerings, which are imbued with a touch of lightness, knowledge and “reality” in the earthy colors, reflections, metallic textures and prints.

Adwaita Nayar, Founder and CEO of Nykaa Fashion, said, “Nykaa Fashion is committed to enhancing the sense of comfort and style for our consumers, from the way they dress to their homes. Home is a very special category that we launched last year and the interest and commitment of our consumers encouraged us to launch Twig&Twine, our own brand. T&T is an effort to bring curatorial expertise that reflects and recognizes the personality of our buyers, and we look forward to them adding our pieces to their homes.

Here is a list of categories to explore as you prepare to give your home a warm touch:

Living: Things that have their own story are the ones that should be treasured in your living room. Table accents, candle holders, artificial flora, cushion covers, portable wine racks and more to enhance your home’s needs.

Confidential Kitchen: If you can’t get out, bring the coffee into your kitchen with crockery, glasses, serving platters and other essentials from Twig & Twine who offer a range of bowls, mugs, tea cups, trays that will make you feel. as if you were dining in an aesthetic setting with your loved ones. If you like to be the shining host at gatherings, bring your best game to the table with our selection of serving boards, ice buckets, dinner trays, bar tool sets, and more.

Can you feel the hugs, hugs and giggles? : Let your bedroom wrap you in the coziest hugs with Twig & Twine collections of tufted cotton bedspreads, wall mirrors, cushions and aesthetically pleasing throws that will make you want to stay in all day.

If Rome wasn’t built in a day, what will your home be like? So shop at Twig & Twine home options, only at (IANSlife can be contacted at [email protected])


Dora W. Clawson