Accessories for a Tesla truck that does not exist

An entire cottage industry has sprung up around Tesla’s proposed Cybertruck, with crowd-funded entrepreneurs designing accessories for an extravagant pickup truck that doesn’t yet exist.

What is happening: Jalopnik provided a fun rundown the other day for any aspiring engineers keen to capitalize on the Cybertruck – if and when it goes on sale.

There is the CyberLandr (above), a pop-up motorhome that claims $110 million in “pre-orders” and includes a bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom and office when fully deployed.

  • Its designer claims to have raised $540,000 in a crowdfunding campaign and said he was opening an R&D center near Tesla’s planned plant in Texas.

cyberchat, designed by a Seattle engineer, is a set of additional pontoons that turn your Cybertruck into a boat.

Camper Form, another potential Cybertruck RV, perhaps aptly designed their unit to work with other electric trucks as well.

Where is it : Tesla CEO Elon Musk said in January that production of the Cybertruck, first shown in 2019, had been delayed again – this time until at least 2023. Skeptics wonder if it will ever hit the market.

What they say : Lance King, CEO and founder of CyberLandr, remains optimistic.

  • “Tesla always takes the time it needs to ensure its new vehicle models are not just competitive, but class-leading,” he said in a statement after the latest delay.
  • CyberLandr will use the extra time, he said, to continue testing and improving the design.
  • For now, he has to simulate the concept using a flatbed pickup truck.

Dora W. Clawson