A woman asks her daughter-in-law to make way for her biological daughter

Mixing families can be tricky. On Reddit, a teenage girl shared that her father had recently remarried and that her new stepmom, along with the stepmom’s children, had moved in with her and her dad.

Immediately after moving in, however, the stepmother asked the teenager to give up her room so her daughter could have it.

“So I (f16) have been living with my dad since he and my mum split up and just recently he got married to Kelly. Kelly has a daughter (13) and a son (9) and they are from move in with us. My dad and My house has four rooms. The master bedroom has a bathroom inside and my bedroom is just a bit smaller but there is also a bathroom in the bedroom too. Then, there are the other two bedrooms that don’t have a bathroom but have walk-in closets, unlike mine,” the 16-year-old wrote via Reddit.

“When they came to move in, his daughter ran past one of the vacant bedrooms and into mine. My walls are purple and I have Marvel and DC posters hanging on the wall. I also have a mirror attached to my dresser with lights So once I showed her son the room he was going to sleep in, I walked into my room and saw her bringing her things to my room and so I told her that it wasn’t her room and she had one of the rooms with no decorations,” the teen continued.

The 13-year-old stepsister suddenly started to “freak out”, telling the 16-year-old she would tell her mum she was bullying her if she didn’t get what she wanted.

Afterwards, the teen’s father told her new stepsister she could paint her bedroom any color she wanted, but the girl insisted she ‘didn’t want to paint her bedroom any color she wanted. a room without a bathroom, so this one should be his”.

“Her mum ended up agreeing with her saying that I had this room for a very long time and I could just start over in the other room and I should give it to her since she is younger. So I told her that I won’t give up my room because it has all my things and I’m comfortable in my room, so her daughter will have to go to the other only room available,” the statement continued. teenager.

Her stepmother then accused her of being mean to her new younger sister and told her she had to “be the bigger person”, “look her age” and give up her room.

In the comments section, users were left baffled by the mother-in-law’s actions, with many slamming her as “entitled”.

“If no age was mentioned, I could very well have thought that she was three years old. If she had that right from the very beginning, I can’t imagine how terrible it would be to live with her for a long time. term,” one person wrote.

“Talk to your dad about how the new stepsister and her mom aren’t giving you a good first impression and are making you feel uncomfortable. Tell him that boundaries need to be set and that you won’t tolerate disagreement. being manipulated or made to feel like you should give up on things [because] of them,” another recommended.

“She’s 13, not 3. This is your bedroom. This was your bedroom before your dad got married, and it should be your bedroom until you move out. Don’t budge on it. Assures sure that your father continues to support you,” someone the rest weighed.

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