A special care crèche arrives in Midland

The youngest of Midland will benefit from the addition of a special care nursery at MidMichigan Medical Center – Midland. The medical center has received state approval to move forward with plans to open a Level II special care nursery in early 2022.

“Giving birth is stressful even when everything is going well. With the addition of a Level II Special Care Nursery, we can now provide an even higher level of care for babies born prematurely or requiring additional treatment, such as low oxygen levels or antibiotics, ”said Tonia VanWieren, Director of Nursing System, Kindergarten, Child and Women’s Health. “For mom and dad, this means their new family member can be treated closer to home, rather than being transferred to another facility.”

When an infant is too sick or not strong enough to come home with their mother after birth, MidMichigan Medical Center – Midland will place the infant in a four-bed special care nursery. Here, infants receive pediatric care and round-the-clock monitoring by a highly trained neonatologist, specialist nursery nurses in MidMichigan, and neonatal nurse practitioners at Spectrum Health Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital.

In addition to round-the-clock care for infants unable to return home immediately, MidMichigan also provides support and education for mom and families, including breastfeeding. Over time, MidMichigan plans to continue to develop its pediatric program and increase its ability to manage even more complex cases while maintaining its family-centered approach to care.

“We have been delivering babies to Midland since our medical center opened over 75 years ago,” VanWieren said. “Every childbirth is a privilege, and we pride ourselves on providing all the technology and care necessary for a safe delivery, along with the comfortable amenities of home. Every birth is special and our goal is to meet the needs of our families by providing a full range of pediatric services.

In addition to Midland, the MidMichigan medical centers in Alpena, Gratiot and West Branch also have maternity centers, which include:

  • Completely private LDRP delivery rooms where mom and her support person can stay through all stages of labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum care.
  • Equipment and lighting necessary for the birth of the baby, including centralized fetal monitoring and other technologies
  • Hugs Infant Tracking Security System with mother-baby correspondence.
  • A state-of-the-art delivery bed that can be moved to many comfortable positions.
  • Entertainment system for music, television or videos.
  • A refrigerator in the room.
  • Room service for regular meals as well as a healthy refreshment offer for those in between.
  • A separate sleeping area for mom’s support person.
  • Dedicated operating room on the unit for planned or emergency cesarean sections.
  • A waiting room where visitors can make themselves comfortable

Those interested in more information about MidMichigan Health maternity services can visit www.midmichigan.org/maternity.

Dora W. Clawson