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There are two types of people in this world: the people who avoid doing laundry at all costs and the rare people who say that folding clothes brings joy. No matter where you are, there is no way around it: you always have to wash, dry, fold, iron, steam, etc. Fortunately, Amazon has a number of affordable and time-saving gadgets that will do laundry (aka all day for parents) more efficient, organized and, dare we say it, pleasant.

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Attach one of the trays to your favorite detergent or fabric softener to catch any leaks, drips or spills.

What the critics are saying: “No more pouring into smaller containers or knocking over large ones. If you have a shelf above your washer and dryer, they work great!”

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Say goodbye to mismatched socks: Throw one of these hanging organizers, which contains nine pairs of socks, in your washing machine to make sure no socks are left behind.

What the critics are saying: “It saves me a lot of time. My stack of socks went from a huge basket to a zippered bag the size of a gallon of stragglers.”

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Laundry Guard Haus Maus

Stop Sock Fishing: Prevent clothes from slipping off the sides or back of your washer by installing this 8 inch magnetizing guard on top of your machine.

What the critics are saying: “I have very little counter space in my laundry room and it allows me to use all that space above the washer and dryer to fold clothes.”


Reusable Kikkerland Hedgehog Dryer Balls

You are already reducing plastic in the kitchen (goodbye plastic straws!) So you might as well opt for an eco-responsible approach in your laundry room. These totally adorable and totally reusable dryer balls will keep the fabric soft and static free.

What the critics are saying: “Not only are these dryer balls super functional, they are also completely adorable!”

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Laundreez portable washing machine

Store this waterproof bag in your suitcase and put it to work when you need to freshen up your vacation clothes. To use it, add detergent, water and clothing of your choice, and massage the bag with your hands.

What the critics say: “I have completed a 100 day trip around the world! 47 countries. Most stayed in youth hostels. People kept asking me how I handled the laundry on this trip. Well … that’s how I handled it. “


Portable ironing mat

Turn any hard surface – table, counter, even the washer itself – into an ironing board with this thick quilted mat. An added bonus: it comes with a silicone pad for your iron so you can put it down without burning your clothes or worse, yourself.

What the critics are saying: “I hate taking out the ironing board just to iron a single shirt or pants while running. It was perfect ! “

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3-tier drying rack

If you’re short on floor space, take advantage of what’s above your head by hanging a three-tiered dryer to dry delicate clothes, swimwear and underwear.

What the critics are saying: “This product has saved me tons of money on dry cleaning expenses. I can wash 3 sweaters at the same time and reshape them for easy drying without taking up a flat surface.”

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