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OLEAN – What started as a pop-up store last summer is now a physical store in Olean.

Here are five things you want to know about The Grow Room.

The Grow Room is a new indoor plant store owned and operated by Missy Woloszyn. “When I started, a few people wanted cuttings of cuttings, then more and more people wanted them… There are a lot of collectors in the area. A store like this was really needed.

What does The Grow Room offer?

With prices starting at just $2 for common household plants – like their 15 varieties of peperomia – to trees and large plants costing hundreds of dollars – like the monstera albo with its white mottled leaves (unlike the variety cheaper green available at box stores, and there’s everything in between, like the unusual pink princess philodendron “with its beautiful, vibrant pink leaves” that costs less than $100.

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Where does Woloszyn get the plants?

“I import plants from Indonesia and work with growers in Florida,” she said. But while she hopes to add a greenhouse/solarium soon so she can grow even more on her own, she is taking care to rehabilitate imported greenery. “I treat the plants systemically to make sure there are no insects or anything,” Woloszyn said. “I quarantine them in my house. It’s actually a rehabilitation process because sometimes they’re almost dead by the time I get them. When they’re ‘healthy and thriving’, Woloszyn sells them in plastic nursery pots to ensure moisture keeps roots moist and warm.

The Grow Room is located at 1661 E. State St. (behind Miller’s Farm Market) in Olean and is currently open 12-6 p.m. Saturday and by appointment weekdays.

Where can I find more information?

For photos of their current plant inventory, or for more information, visit Woloszyn’s business page at facebook.com/thegrowroomolean or to make an appointment, DM or call (716) 307-9537 before 11 p.m. You can also join his Facebook group, Olean Botanicals, for those who love plants or are looking for specific plants.

Dora W. Clawson