23 beautiful laundry room ideas

It’s a fact: we are a nation obsessed with service rooms. From where the magic happens (it will be the wash) to how the cleaning bottles are organized, functional has become all the rage.

According to kitchen designer Magnet, recent searches for “laundry room ideas” have increased by 20% over the past month. The unavoidable ? It depends on who you ask; on TikTok, a ceiling dryer is the most sought-after feature. Safer pinterestthe crown goes to the space-saving hack of stackable washing machines, with Lizzie Beasley, head of design at Magnet, suggesting: “You can incorporate a pull-out shelf into the space so you can just fold your clothes up and put them straight up. in the basket.’

To Herringbone kitchens in Canterbury, Kent, owner William Durrant has seen a 35% increase in sales for kitchen and utility projects: “It’s really become an overflow for the kitchen and a way to stay organized, tidy and clean. People view their serving pieces as an opportunity to experiment with bold colors and patterns. New features for which it enjoys high demand are the spray-function faucets for watering the dogs, the sports kit and children’s golf clubs, and the fluted details on the cabinets: “It’s a beautiful addition to a space creating real texture and a bit of fun. ‘

Don’t know where to start? Alex Main, director at The main companyhas the following wisdom: “Start with floor-to-ceiling cupboards as they provide useful storage space, incorporate a second sink if possible as this is ideal for families with pets, and ensure that there are plenty of bespoke hooks, hardware and shelving to create the ultimate practical space to accommodate any belongings.

We’ve collected plenty of inspiration for you, from small and functional to downright fabulous. Keep scrolling to see.

Dora W. Clawson