2021 gift guide: 9 best glamping accessories

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Picture: Treebones Resort (Getty Images)

To the great disappointment of my dear mother, this year I once again refused to embrace the great outdoors. I like to be comfortable. I like a perfectly controlled room with a temperature of 68 degrees. And I just don’t understand the logic of sleeping on the floor while the pebbles below make little nicks on your spine when you could just be your most genuine, candle-lit self in the high end yurt genre. and weird that you would see featured in Kylie Jenner’s Instagram Stories.

High-end yurts have remained a trendy idea in recent years, especially during COVID, as the perfect glamping solution halfway between harshness in a tent and staying in a small cabin. This is exactly the right level of camping for me – someone who refuses to go in the ocean at the beach. Imagine eating toasted marshmallow ice cream instead of roasting marshmallows because we’re not leaning around a silly little campfire! Image that jumps on your reusable Gods Eye Mask while meditating and breathing in the scent of nature without actually having to touch or interact with said nature. Just think about posting a photo of your glamp and saying to yourself “off the grid”. inaccessible ”, except that you are because there is a charger in your yurt, and sometimes it’s funny to say glamor little white lies. If someone on your wishlist this year is an over-exacting glamper like me, we’ve got you covered.

Dora W. Clawson