20 bridal accessories that are almost prettier than the dress

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A rhinestone belt to add a pretty glamorous touch to your dress

Promising results: “I loved it. I bought it to add to my best friend’s wedding dress. The store was selling a similar belt for about twice the price. It was cheap and perfect. We asked for our seamstress to tie it, and you wouldn’t tell it wasn’t done with the dress. I really recommend it. — Vandoise

A sparkling necklace and earrings set

It is available in 24 colors.

Promising results:
“I wore the earrings and necklace for my wedding. It was very expensive. The necklace was well made and the earrings had extra backs. Packaged beautifully.” — Amazon customer

A darling hat veil because you don’t like those super long veils, but still like the idea of ​​wearing a cute one like this

It is available in 35 colors.

Promising results:
“Gorgeous! The feather clip and the veil are separate so you can customize and adjust your hairstyle. It took me a few tries to get it how I wanted it, but I managed – in the car, nothing less.” — Elizabeth

A super delicate strip of gold foil to complement your dress rather than clash with it

Promising results: “I love the hair vine! It’s just what I needed! The bobby pins that come with it keep it secure!” -Ruth D.

An extra-long hair vine that will make your hair absolutely ~ethereal~

Promising results: “I bought this on a whim for my daughter to use in her wedding hairstyle. It was absolutely stunning! It’s quite long, so you can cut it for different hair lengths and styles. It doesn’t Doesn’t look cheap at all! Best deal I bought for her wedding! It’s rose gold, but it was perfect for her dress. —Patti O.

A hair vine that will become the centerpiece of your entire look

Promising results: “I love this headpiece! I recommend it to my brides all the time. I have at least four brides (that I can think of) who have used this headpiece for their wedding. It is affordable and very well made. Very sturdy and don’t look or feel cheap at all!!” —Nyoka

A darling bead set for when you want a more minimalist take on your jewelry

This set includes the necklace and the earrings!

Promising results: “Beautiful and excellent! Bought for my wedding, it was the perfect accessory, simple and elegant, beautiful but not flashy. I don’t know when or if I will wear it again, but it’s worth it for the wedding day .” —Jessica Defreeuw

Satin Peep Toe Pumps You’ll Love So Much You’ll Plan A Vow Renewal Just To Wear Them Again

They are available in sizes 5 to 11 and in eight colors.

Promising results:
“I got these in blue for my wedding shoes, and they were a big hit! Lots of compliments on them throughout the day, and photographers got some great shots with them. BUT they must be snapped Toes pinched me a lot so I had to wear them around the house and go around the hair dryer So keep that in mind for timing Not super comfortable but manageable for heels —Elizabeth Crosby


A leaf-shaped tennis bracelet to complete your new wedding band

Promising results: “Very pretty and sparkly!! I wore it for my wedding and I loved how elegant it was with my dress!!” — Valerie

A lovely floral headpiece perfect for your woodland wedding in your garden

It is available in 20 colors.

Promising results:
“I bought these for my flower girls at my wedding, and they were beautiful!” —Lorena

A delicate hair piece with pretty little beads to match the bead accents throughout your dress

Promising results: “I bought this and another hair piece to choose one for my wedding hair. This one was perfect! It was just glamorous enough without being too much, which was the problem with the other piece I bought. It made a perfect crown around my hair, which worked both with my veil and without when I took it off afterwards.” – Dany

Lucite heels so you can recreate the iconic Cinderella look without having to sacrifice comfort

They are available in sizes 5.5 to 11 and in seven styles.

Promising results:
“Want endless legs? This is your shoe. The sheer creates the illusion and your legs instantly look 4 inches longer. The shoe fits exactly as expected, not small or tight like others have. observed. So versatile that I’m going to have to fight not to wear them with everything.” —Colts fan Kim

Foot chains so you can still look go-go-glam on your wedding day, even if it’s on the beach and you’re barefoot

Promising results: “I used them for my daughter’s wedding at the beach. I expected them to break, so I was prepared with some string, safety pins and needles. I wore them all day and all night no problem. They were so cute!” — TammyT

An exquisite tiara that looks like something Ursula would wear to her fifth wedding (in a good way)

Promising results: “BUY THIS! If you’re reading this you’re looking for a tiara, crown, something not from Claire’s at the mall. This stuff is amazing. It’s really good quality, decent weight, surprisingly comfortable and has a serious wow factor… I was expecting junk food for the price. I was thrilled when it happened!” – The station

A rhinestone headpiece so shiny and sparkly the photographer will never have to wonder where you are

Promising results: “I had to use bobby pins to hold it in place, but otherwise it was a sight!” – This guy

Closed toe heels with a unique dazzling strap that will turn heads as you walk into the room

They are available in sizes 5 to 11 and in nine colors.

Promising results:
“I love these shoes. I’ve tried on several pairs from a major shoe store and have returned them all for lack of comfort and beauty. These shoes are a hands down winner. I’m a bridesmaid at a wedding, and now the bride has bought him a pair so we can dance, walk, take pictures, etc. Win/Win.”— MzMoore

Or a vibrant crown that will add a beautiful burst of color – perfect for spring weddings!

Promising results: “I surprised my best friend with this crown for her birthday, and she got the most compliments walking around Vegas. All the colors can match whatever you want to wear, and it’s so much better than the other cheap plastic crowns than us 👑 Only thing I would say is that it was pretty hard to keep going all day, but still worth it!” —Ariel Nelson

Small tiny pearl pins that you can place all around your head

Promising results: “I loved these pearl pins! I was looking for a different piece of hair than most brides use. And I wanted something elegant yet simple that wouldn’t weigh too much because I would be dancing the night away. And I honestly had the best piece of hair! It felt like I had NOTHING on my hair. I didn’t even have to worry about it, and my hairstylist put it in with no hassle. Definitely recommend for an elegant bride or anyone looking for a simple hair piece. They worked beautifully. They are NOT bothersome at all. It’s like they aren’t even there.” – Gabriela Salinas

An ultra-glam headpiece to finish off the bling you’ve been missing to really complete your wedding look

Promising results: “I love this headpiece! I wore it for my civil wedding ceremony, and it was exactly what I needed to complement my dress and give me the exact amount of pop and bling to make my wedding exquisite .You will need bobby pins to attach it to your hair.” — Pearl of Valencia

Get it on Amazon for $32.99+ (available in three colors).


And finally, a sapphire set because the real one is probably still somewhere at the bottom of the ocean

This beautiful set comes with the necklace and the earrings!

Promising results: “This set is beautiful, simple, affordable, but doesn’t look cheap. I wear the necklace every day.” —Kim

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