17 years in prison for killing a 16-year-old boy – Guyana newsroom

Shannon Cox was sentenced to 17 years in prison on Thursday for the fatal stabbing of 16-year-old Brian Yearwood in 2017.

Cox, 24, formerly of Kaneville, East Bank Demerara, was sentenced by Judge Simone Morris-Ramlall at Demerara High Court.

Last month he was on trial for the capital offense of murder, which alleged that on April 29, 2017, he murdered Yearwood at a school fair in Covent Garden, EBD.

However, a 12-member jury found Cox guilty on lesser counts of manslaughter.

Cox was represented by attorney Madan Kissoon, while the state was represented by prosecutor Lisa Cave.

During the sentencing hearing, prosecutor Cave asked the court to consider the violent nature in which the teenager was killed. She also pointed out that Cox refused to accept responsibility for his actions even though he was found guilty by the jury.

Cave asked the court to send a strong message to young people that the use of violence to resolve disagreements will not be tolerated.

However, Kissoon, while delivering his mitigation plea, said Cox was “in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong company.”

The judge, while delivering his sentence, said Cox showed no expression of remorse. She also looked at the mitigating and aggravating factors of the crime.

And so, she ordered that Cox serve 17 years in prison and that prison authorities deduct from the sentence the time he spent in pretrial detention.

Initially, Cox was charged with co-defendant Andy Peters, 21. However, Peters was released during the trial after the judge upheld a no-case submission made by his lawyer Latchmie Rahamat.

Charles, a pupil at Covent Garden Secondary School, was stabbed while attending a concert on the grounds of the village’s nursery school.

The Grove teenager was there with other friends when he was stabbed in the chest.

Dora W. Clawson