10 best electronic devices and smart accessories compatible with Alexa

Alexa makes everyone’s life a little easier, and with these smart home electronics and accessories on Amazon, the benefits of automation are readily available. Where cost might have been a factor for some shoppers, there are plenty of deals available that make Alexa-enabled products accessible to a variety of budgets.

With a wide variety of options available, from TVs and Echo devices to home security cameras, there’s a little something for everyone. There are also plenty of exclusive offers just for Amazon Prime members, who can enjoy receiving their smart home devices faster than it takes to say “Alexa!”


1/10 echo show 8

List price: $129.99

Offer price: $69.99 (46% off)

  • Available in black and glacier white

The Echo Show 8 brings all the versatility of a tablet, TV, and smartphone wherever shoppers need it, all in one convenient device. With its 8-inch touchscreen, users can make and receive video calls via Alexa, check important dates at a glance, listen to Amazon Music or other music services, and enjoy their movies and TV shows. favorite TV shows on Prime Video or other streaming platforms.

RELATED: The 10 Best TVs for GamingIn the kitchen, it’s a great way to follow cooking videos, while setting timers and asking Alexa for measurement conversions. Even better, the Echo Show 8 acts as a security camera to give users peace of mind when they’re away and can control other compatible devices with just a few swipes.

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2/10 Smart Wi-Fi bulbs

List price: $35.99

Offer Price: $29.99 (17% Off) – Extra 10% Off With Coupon

Harness the power of ambiance with these Alexa-enabled smart Wi-Fi bulbs, instantly giving every room in a customer’s home a different vibe. With a pink kitchen, blue living room and red bathroom, the possibilities are positively kaleidoscopic.

Best of all, these bulbs are voice-activated, so shoppers carrying lots of Amazon packages from their porches at night can ask Alexa to turn on the lights anywhere in their home. Easily set up via the accompanying app, the colorful lighting takes just a few swipes and comes in 16 million varieties. An Amazon reviewer commented: “Okay, great product and super easy to set up and control. For the price and number you get…we’ll be worth the purchase.”

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3/10 Kasa HS103P4 Smart Plug

List price: $29.99

Offer price: $25.99 (13% off)

It doesn’t matter if a table lamp is not compatible with Alexa, with the Kasa Smart Plug HS103P4 4-pack, all electronic devices can be converted into practical elements of a smart home. Once plugged into these outlets, any device can be turned on and off using voice control, whether through Alexa, Siri or another assistant, or the Kasa app.

Even better, timers can be set to coincide with a shopper’s schedule, ensuring electronics turn on when they’re needed most and save power when they’re not. With over 43,000 reviews and almost all 5 stars, Amazon customers seem to agree on these smart plugs. “Love the convenience of smart plugs,” said one Amazon reviewer. “The ability to turn the lights on or off when you’re away from home is amazing.”

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4/10 4th Generation Echo

List Price: $99.99

Offer price: $49.99 (50% off)

  • Available in Charcoal, Glacier White and Twilight Blue

Buyers looking for something a little more rugged, the Echo 4th Gen Home Hub delivers rich sound with an eye-catching spherical shape that’s hard to miss. Compatible with Alexa, it allows users to access news, weather, their favorite podcasts and music by voice command. They can even use it to make calls to friends and family, or go to other parts of the house.

RELATED: The 10 Best Smart Speakers on AmazonThe 4th Gen Echo can control lights, coffee maker and other devices to become the nexus of users’ smart home features. A digital clock can be displayed prominently on his body to tell the time, and reminders for daily tasks, events, or medications are as easy as can be.

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5/10 Sony LinkBuds

List price: $199.99

Offer price: $128.00 (36% off)

  • Available in black, white and earth blue

With so many headphone brands currently on the market, it can be difficult to choose a pair to try, but the Sony Linkbuds offer unparalleled depth of sound and rich bass among high-end headphones. Not only is the music crystal clear, the calls received on these headphones have superior clarity and the noise canceling technology ensures a break from the stresses of the day.

Sony Linkbuds offer 6 hours of use after charging (20 hours with the included charging case), but with just 5 minutes of charging they can offer 60 minutes of playback. An Amazon reviewer gave them a great product recommendation: “These are solid headphones that feel great, sound good, have good ANC, and have great microphones for great call quality.”

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6/10 Google Nest Learning Thermostat

List price: $249.99

Offer price: $194.00 (22% off)

  • Available in black, brass, copper, white, mirror black, polished steel and stainless steel.

Never struggle with an unruly thermostat again while saving energy at the same time. Introducing the Google Nest Learning Thermostat, the programmable smart home accessory that respects a user’s schedule and maintains their specific schedule. With Alexa-enabled voice control, getting the perfect temperature takes just a few simple instructions.

Leaving for work, school or an errand? Away Assist adjusts so that the thermostat does not keep the heating on while a user is away for the day. There’s no tinkering with the device itself; the thermostat can be controlled by anyone via laptop, phone or tablet. Even better, users can view their energy history and track how much energy they’re using, then figure out where to reduce if needed.

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7/10 WEMAX Dice 1080p FHD Portable Projector

List Price: $799.99

Offer Price: $699.99 (13% Off) – Extra $120.00 Off With Coupon

Buyers looking for a high-quality projector that’s compact and easy to install, the WEMAX Dice 1080p FHD Portable Projector delivers both and more. Built-in speakers support superior Dolby sound, and a 120-inch widescreen format ensures home viewing feels like a theatrical experience. When used outdoors, its battery power makes it completely cordless for the duration of multiple movies.

RELATED: 10 Best 4k Projectors To Buy In 2022When used in conjunction with an Amazon Fire stick or Google Assistant, it becomes controllable by voice command, including Alexa. For price and functionality, it is competitive with other projectors in its class.

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List Price: $64.99

Offer price: $24.99 (54% off)

  • Available in black and white

Peace of mind has never been better than with Blink Mini smart cameras, part of the perfect Alexa-enabled home surveillance system. Leave the house for hours and check in via the accompanying app, and find out in minutes when motion sensors are triggered with the alert system.

Two-way audio allows users to talk to anyone in the home with the cameras enabled, such as a family member, roommate, or anxious pet. Several Blink Mini Smart Cameras can be purchased to create an extensive home security system that is both effective and covert.

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9/10 iRobot Roomba 694

List Price: $274.00

Offer price: $174.99 (36% off)

For any buyer hesitant to get a robot vacuum, the iRobot Roomba 694 is the smart home accessory that is sure to change your mind. Let it go to any room and it’ll clean diligently for 90 minutes, its intuitive sensors and powerful suction allowing it to power through any terrain, from carpet to hardwood surfaces, and pick up any type dirt or pet hair.

When complete, Roomba 694 will return to its docking port and recharge, ready for its nest cleaning mission. Best of all, it’s Alexa-enabled, so users can use voice command to tell it when to turn on and off and where to go. One Amazon reviewer couldn’t stop praising their robot vacuum: “Buying a Roomba (and one for my daughter) was THE best thing I’ve done for myself. We all have the two of the dogs and lots of fur!”

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10/10 LG OLED C1 65″ series

List price: $2,499.99

Offer price: $1,496.99 (40% off)

Many smart TVs can be controlled via Alexa, but the 65-inch LG OLED C1-Series Smart TV offers rich saturation and crisp edges with 8 million pixels, and a 4th-gen A9 processor, so 4k has never been as beautiful and clearer.

Use Alexa to ask the smart TV about news, weather, or start playing favorite TV shows and movies, and integrate with other smart home devices like additional Alexa-enabled speakers or a bar of his. An Amazon reviewer was clear, “The hype is legit. Just buy it.”

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