10 Best ATV and UTV Accessories for Serious Outdoor Enthusiasts

While not everything can or should be labeled as the newest or the best, we can generally be satisfied that today’s gear features some of the most up-to-date and cutting-edge items available. an outdoor enthusiast or woman could wish for. The off-road ATV and UTV industry has been a good indicator of this fact. ATVs and side-by-side vehicles for work and play have come a long way since your grandfather’s three-wheeled days. Outdoor enthusiasts have long seen the light at the end of the off-road tunnel and have become more than enamored with all that these awesome machines can do. These companies (along with others) have created some of the best and most useful accessories for you, and we wanted to suggest a few particularly good ones.

What the best off-road accessories have in common

Outdoorsmen and women should look to invest in the essentials and utilities, rather than a chrome bumper or a slick paint job. Four-wheel-drive ATVs and UTVs may or may not have been built for the hunter—and, yes, the angler—but they have the best uses anyone has ever thought of.

We’re going to mention the most obvious piece of gear at the top, because we surely want you to get home safe: the helmet. Of course, not all states require cyclists to wear them, but the truth is that your safety is far more important than any of these other cool accessories.

With a secure helmet and a sense of security in mind, here are the other items an outdoor enthusiast or woman would really appreciate.

For the gun hunter who needs to secure their weapon

Athlete’s warehouse

Kolpin UTV Gun Rack – Sportsman’s Warehouse, $79.99

There is no doubt that there are many good choices for gun mounts; in fact, we’ve included more than one on this list to give you an idea of ​​the versatility these accessories can offer. A solid gun rack, gun rack or whatever you prefer to call it will serve any hunter or recreational shooter. A model that securely holds two guns is probably the most popular type, and installation is usually a simple process. Whether you need a system to carry your turkey gun, sniper rifle, or even just a clay shotgun, the Kolpin UTV Gun Carrier will get the job done. It’s adjustable up to 45 degrees in either direction, so it can fit almost any UTV setup (and even some golf carts, too). You can carry a firearm inside a sock-style case with this rack, or rely on the padded buttstock protector and adjustable V-blocks to hold it securely without risk of damage.

For mountain bikes without space in their garage

ATV/UTV Accessories


ATV Cover — Cabela’s, $24.99-$39.99

Everyone wants to protect their machine from debris, birds and rain. If you can’t store it indoors or at least under a roof, this tough 210-denier cover is ready to withstand UV rays, wind and driving rain. When you’re ready to put it away, it also comes with its own stuff sack, and the price is more than reasonable. As a bit of added utility, these also come in a camouflage pattern for the serious outdoorsman who wants to keep a low profile. You can cruise to your hunting spot, and when you put away the ATV you’re riding on, you can count on it being hidden under the camouflage cover.

For the bow hunter gang

ATV/UTV Accessories


Double Bow Baby Carrier — Walmart, $134.50

I have a hunting buddy who sees gear like this and always says, “Now you’re talking business!” He’s a UTV owner, and when he needs room for multiple bows and archery gear, that’s the kind of thing I have to present to him. The QuadGear UTV Double Bow Cage Rack fits Polaris, Yamaha, Kawasaki and some other UTV roll cages. It has interior and exterior zippered pockets; durable, heavy-duty fabric with a water-resistant backing; and a series of secure quick-release buckles when you need to unfasten it.

For the angler who needs a helping hand

A fishing rod holder for an ATV


That’s right, a great rod holder for you and a friend who both live for surf casting, or anywhere you can park, sit back and relax for a day of fishing. The reality is that this rod holder is meant to transport your favorite fishing rod and reel safely and without damage. It fits ATVs, UTVs and even motorcycles with mounting blocks and U-bolts included; it works for reel rods up to half an inch.

For land care enthusiasts

A tool carrier for the tailgate of a UTV


Kemimoto Lock and Ride Bed Tool Carrier – Amazon, $74.99

Since hand tools are essential for farmers, landowners, hunters, and other outdoor enthusiasts, it makes sense to have a way to transport these tools so they stay away from the rest. of your equipment. This keeps a shovel or other similar sized outdoor tools handy and accessible, especially for landowners working food plots during the summer months.

For those who need ample storage

ATV/UTV Accessories


Tac Gear Padded Bag – Cabela’s, $119.99

Cabela’s Tac Gear Padded Bag gives you a great way to customize how you load the gear you need to have with you on a hunt or just a day trip in the field. This universal mount rear padded bag has molded foam lids to keep your gear safe while traveling and is available in two colors: Black and TruTimber Kanati. It even comes with an orange interior color scheme to make your gear really pop when you want it to.

For when you need to charge

ATV/UTV Accessories


Yutrax ATV Heavy Duty Tri-Fold Loading Ramp – Cabela’s, $149.99

It’s one of the essential pieces of gear for every trail rider, and a must have for all off-roaders. This Yutrax version offered by Cabela’s will easily fit inside your pickup bed and be out of the way until you need it. This model offers extremely strong aircraft aluminum, an easy tailgate entry overlap, and it has an extruded side rail to help keep any ATV on the ramp.

For those without a trailer

ATV/UTV Accessories


Securing your ATV or UTV means not only keeping it locked securely to your vehicle while you drive to and from the terrain, but also securely locked to prevent it from disappearing. You will need a 2 inch square receiver and a 2 inch ball for this system, which can be adjusted up or down up to 30 inches.

Obviously, having the right ATV or side-by-side for your needs is the first thing to do. Since hunting, fishing, or property management typically covers a wide range of terrain, you might want an ATV that’s easily adaptable to your needs.

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